Rolex Marks The Time In Miami With A New Boutique In The Magic City

Patricia Abaroa

Rolex opens a new boutique in Miami’s Design District, a fashionable enclave that is home to other luxury brands like Givenchy or Harry Winston. Rolex’s boutique features an on-site workshop to offer direct maintenance to its clients.


More than 250 VIP guests joined Rolex USA President and CEO, Stewart Wicht to celebrate a new achievement for the Swiss firm: the opening of its new boutique, owned by Seymour Holtzman, in Miami’s Design District, an upscale fashion destination that also houses the likes of Givenchy, Tom Ford and Harry Winston.

Rolex in Miami
Cindy Marichal, Seymour Holtzman, Stewart Wicht, Heather Parrish, Grant Farmer.

Decked out in marble, imported Italian leather and bronze columns, the new space, named Rolex Luxury Swiss, is almost entirely encased in glass, making sure that clients don’t miss anything on display, including the Baselworld 2013 collection. The collection, which features the GMT-Master II and Yacht-Master II, consists of updated versions of legendary timepieces, representing the brand’s quest for perfection. The large boutique also boasts a workshop, allowing for on-site servicing.

The innovative company has become synonymous with prestige and excellence. Timepiece pioneers, the Rolex brand carries on the spirit of its creator, Hans Wildorf, and continues to move forward with creative, luxurious designs that never overlook functionality. The new boutique also mirrors that notion: rich in elegant elements, it is dazzling in design while the on-site workshop reminds us that Rolex has never forgotten the importance of comfort and functionality.

Rolex in Miami

Rolex boutiques can be found throughout the world, including stores in London, Shanghai, Amsterdam, and, as of earlier this year, Sydney. In the spring of 2011, the first Rolex boutique in the United States opened its doors on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Other shops in New York and San Francisco followed suit. Later this year, a new shop will be opening up in Houston, joining the current ten stand-alone boutiques in the US, which are further imprinting the Rolex mark in American culture.

Rolex’s popularity dates back to 1927, when Mercedes Gleitze, a young swimmer, crossed the English Channel wearing a timepiece that remained perfectly accurate, even after the ten hour adventure. The waterproof watch, The Rolex Oyster, marked major progress in the world of wristwatches. Rolex would go on to conquer other firsts, including the automatic change of date and time and the display of two time zones.

Rolex in Miami

Another example of Rolex’s influence on American culture is the Day-Date watch, often referred to as the President watch. Presidential wearers of the classic Day-Date include John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. In 2005, a Rolex watch that Marilyn Monroe allegedly gifted John F. Kennedy, on the same evening she serenaded him with her sultry Happy Birthday rendition, sold at an auction for 120,000 dollars.

The new Miami boutique defines the company’s desire to showcase their artistry and love of for their craft. On-site workshops take that vision even further as visitors have a chance to not only view the impressive watch collection and shop, but also the masters at work.

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