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Nicholas Sterling

The brand has gained international acclaim for their superb creations.


In 1874, young George Edouard Piaget set up his first workshop on the family farm, located in La Côte-aux-Fées in the Swiss canton of Jura. From there, he produced high-precision mechanisms for the most prestigious watchmakers of the time. Piaget was quite talented, and his devices were soon recognized inside and outside the country, bringing notoriety to his small workshop.

In 1911, with the same passion and commitment he inherited from his father, Timothy Piaget continued the business with some success. But it was not until 1943 that he began producing a line of watches under his name.

The second big boost to the brand came from Gerald and Valentin Piaget, the founder’s grandchildren, who began the expansion of the company focusing on increasing sales and improving quality to attain the desired international reputation.

They decided to build a new factory and launched the first ultra-thin watches that brought so much prestige and fame to Piaget.

During the 1960s, the firm extended its expertise to high jewelry and partnered with international goldsmiths.

In the late 1970s, Piaget introduced its legendary Piaget Polo. This timepiece soon became the company’s emblem with great commercial success.

In 2001, Piaget opened a new factory in Plan-Les-Ouates in the canton of Geneva, which has its own research and development department. By 2010, the plant was responsible for the elaboration of the movement mechanism for the world’s thinnest automatic watch.

More than 140 years of continuous history have brought the brand significant expertise in the creation of watches and jewelry. Piaget has become an excellent name in the manufacture of high precision timepieces, as well as the design of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings made with precious stones and metals.

The Altiplano model stands among the broad variety of timepieces; a line of ultra-thin watches that embody a discreet and refined elegance with automatic chronographs in various colors and matt and shiny surfaces. In the iconic ‘Limelight‘ collection, Piaget pours its creative process and audacity in a feminine watch.

The model Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget is inspired by two mythical cities of the Silk Road: Venice and Samarkand showing exquisite good taste in a men’s watch: Piaget Emperador Coussin XL Large Moon Enamel. It features automatic winding, moon phases, a sapphire case, and a hand-engraved dial with champlevé enamel and a miniature representation of the Mythical Journey route. This model comes with a brown alligator leather bracelet with a pink gold buckle.

Piaget is also a philanthropic brand and has recently undertaken the arduous task of rehabilitating the historical astronomical clock that stands in Venice’s Piazza San Marco. The company is synonymous with artistic watchmaking and jewelry designed with high finesse. Their timeless pieces are a source of pride for those who own them.

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