Pepa & Co.: The children’s clothing design company that dresses the youngest of the British royals

Mary Elizabeth Collins

From being a nanny in London to owning a children's clothing company, Spaniard Pepa González launched her brand in 2015 in England designing children’s clothes never dreaming it would become so successful.

The Spaniard, Pepa González (Malaga, 1982), is the founder of Pepa & Co., a small children´s clothing design company with its headquarters in London. Her tiny shop, which serves as an office, sewing workshop and warehouse as well, is located at the intersection of Fulham and Chelsea neighborhoods.

Pepa and Co.
Pepa González.

Pepa González confesses humbly and with a certain amazement at how her life changed when the Prince and Princess, Jorge and Charlotte, children of Kate and William, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were photographed in the press wearing clothing of her brand and it catapulted her to fame. “”I suppose it was a gift that some friends of theirs bought in my store,” Pepa said. “They never warned me who it was for but from that moment, the Dukes have continued to buy my clothes for their children.”

The designs of Pepa and Co. reflect a strong preference for traditional and classic style with vintage-inspired, always with a contemporary touch.

Pepa and Co. also has other illustrious buyers, including Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, who had her wedding in May 2017 that was just as elegant as her sister’s wedding with Prince William, and who chose the designs of Pepa’s company to dress the pages and flower girls. The clothing was created and the colors chosen taking the wonderful environment into account where the ceremony took place (the medieval church of Saint Mark in the small town of Englefield, west of London). The designs were tailor made and exclusive, of course, with natural silk fabrics for shirts and dresses and viennese silk for pants, with contrasting buttons.

Pepa and Co.

Pepa González´s story seems like a novel. She came to London six years ago with a scholarship from Turespaña, the state agency in the United Kingdom dedicated to promoting Spain as destination.

When her contract ended, she decided to stay hoping to find a position in the tourism sector. But with no opportunity appearing she decided to get a job as a nanny in the neighborhood where she lived “This is where I realized that there was a lack of quality and design in children’s clothing, so I threw myself into the venture of starting my own online shop, Pepa & Co, which saw the light of day in October, 2013, with a selection of my favorite brands of children’s clothing.”

It wasn’t until 2015 that Pepa decided to design her own collection, a wise decision because it was accepted immediately and worked better than the selection of brands.

The designs of Pepa and Co. reflect a strong preference for traditional and classic style with vintage-inspired, always with a contemporary touch.

The American public that wants to see Pepa & Co. items can find them at Saks Fifth Avenue, the luxury department store.  ■

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