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Global Genuis… Naeem Khan

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Naeem Khan takes the allure of fashion to magical new heights.

Indian born, American designer Naeem Khan has just celebrated the tenth year of his own collection-seventh year of showing on the runway. For Spring-Summer 2014 Mr. Khan showcased fashion’s power to transform, making fashion fantasy a reality with dresses of vibrant colors, lattice embroideries and silks.

Naeem Khan

The focus of his Spring-Summer collection is drawn from Spain—the vivacious Latin woman who loves color and beauty; the floral imagery of the Spanish rose and the intricacy of handmade tiles (he blew them up and printed them onto his fabrics). Mr. Khan took elements from different aspects of Spanish life to create a beautiful, sexy and glamorous collection.

Of course, his style has evolved tremendously— it takes time for any designer to learn the process of his creation. He now encompasses daywear and separates into his collection, but has remained faithful to the flawless embellishment and the timeless glamour he is known for.

Naeem Khan

Mr. Khan shared some ideas on his business and growth:

“In my world of fashion, it is not some fabrics I see and design a garment from that. We create the fabric. We create the design. I have always focused on how my clothes fit the woman. You have to pay attention to the seam—the drape—the pleat—each placement is critical to how the dress will flatter a woman’s figure. Having a global business now you have to make clothes for different people in the world. In that respect, I have certainly evolved.

My business is a family business. I grew up learning from my father, and he grew up learning from his. There is no school that can teach you to create from the bottom up. I learned my craft from experience and that is what I want to pass on; in order to keep my art, my craft alive, I want to pass my business to my children.”

At azureazure, we heard from his biggest fan…

“Women who live their life on their personal Red Carpet of events always look to the drama and elegance of Naeem Khan. 
Naeem’s gowns are filled with confidence and couture details for women who love looking like a woman. 
Exquisite embroidery, beading, lace and other lavish details come together in cocktail dresses and gowns that define memorable moments in many women’s lives. I have had the pleasure of knowing the talented and charming Naeem for well over 10 years”. Ken Downing, Senior Vice President and Fashion Director, Neiman Marcus.

Be prepared to be swept off your feet again this summer as Naeem Khan takes the allure of fashion to magical new heights!

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