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Mirror Mirror, From Giovanna Battaglia – Azureazure

Deborah Chiu

The iPhone dresses up with a new protective cover by Giovanna Battaglia.


It is a fact that technology is an integral part of our lives, and new gadgets are increasingly becoming the essential components we carry with us every day. No one would think life is possible, these days, without our cell phones, tablets, kindles, etc.

A pair of Christian Loboutin stilettos or an elegant dress by Isabel Marant deserve – even demand – that the accessories that complete the look, namely the iPhone 5, also dress for the occasion. That’s Mirror Mirror, the protective cover for the king of mobile cell phones, designed by the socialite and stylist Giovanna Battaglia.

Mirror Mirror, from Giovanna Battaglia

Battaglia, who for a long time was the favorite model of Dolce & Gabbana, has created these stylish protective covers, whose design is inspired by the filigree of the gates of enchanted palaces. With geometric shapes that are a combination of rococo and art deco, they come in several colors with a delicate patina that gives them the satin texture many customers prefer.

“The idea of creating this cover for the iPhone is a response to the passion I feel for this accessory, which has an undeniable role in my life. Why not decorate and embellish it?” says Battaglia, editor of Vogue L’Uomo, a woman widely recognized for her style and elegance.

She created the iPhone cover exclusively for the giant online retailer, and it has become the perfect partner of elegant women with schedules as intense as that of its creator.

Mirror Mirror, from Giovanna Battaglia

The passion for fashion and design runs in Giovanna Battaglia’s blood. She grew up in the always exclusive via Monte Napoleone, the epicenter of Milan’s fabled shopping district. At age 16, she tried her luck as a model with the creative duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana as mentors. She would later become a fashion stylist and editor.

If you find, in her story, any resemblance to fairy tales, then you’ll undoubtedly understand her intention behind the design of Mirror Mirror, an allegory to the dreams we all aspire and deserve.


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