Mayors, A Major Retailer of Luxury Jewelry and Timepieces, Bets on its New Digital Identity

Patricia Abaroa

The luxury jewelry and timepieces retailer Mayors is targeting a new generation of consumers looking for experiences that represent individuality and self-expression. With a relaunch starting in Fall 2018 this brand will definetely become younger and more female.

Mayors, which has managed to maintain its name as one of the most prestigious luxury jewelry and watch stores in the southern United States, has 17 boutiques in the US states of Florida and Georgia. In 1910, Samuel Mayor Gertz founded the brand with the idea of ​​bringing together, under one roof, the best pieces of jewelry from around the world. With a legacy of more than a century, Mayors currently represents the most luxurious brands, including Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, IWC and Mikimoto among others. They also have their own collection of diamond and gold jewelry for brides

Some of Mayor’s newest jewels. © Mayors

The world of high-end jewelry is changing, and iconic retailer Mayors is joining the movement. The leading fine jewelry and timepiece retailer in the Southeastern United States announced a major relaunch that will roll out its initial phase this Fall and transition into its second phase over the course of eight months. After a recent acquisition by the Watches of Switzerland Group—previously Aurum Holdings—the retailer’s focus shifted towards introducing a new wave of consumers to their long-standing heritage and expertise.

One of the last jewels of Mayors that seeks to represent individuality and personal expression. © Mayors

While the luxury sector continues to evolve, becoming more about exceptional experiences and exclusive opportunities, the jewelry market continues to grow (from 5 to 6 percent per year). In order to benefit and thrive in that emerging market, heritage companies, like Mayors, have had to focus on finding ways to appeal to younger consumers. Enthralled by unusual experiences (think bungee jumping in the Netherlands or lodging at the Belmond Hotel das Catarats in Iguassu Falls), millennials are looking for jewels that represent individuality and self-expression.

Millennials shop online because it provides an infinite number of possibilities right at their fingertips, and jewelry shopping is no exception. To meet the growing demand of e-consumers, Mayors is establishing its place in the world of e-commerce with a full service digital platform. As part of the initial phase of their relaunch, the retailer looks to improve their digital presence. Their new site, as well as their stores, will showcase new collections and an expansion of their bespoke service. The first phase will also introduce a brand new ad campaign, new packaging and a redesign of the facades of 9 of their 16 retail shops. The Spring of 2019 will bring about the second phase of this overhaul, and remaining stores will be completely renovated and two flagship stores will be added.

Self-sufficient women, “a key demographic for Mayors” for their upcoming relaunch. © Mayors

There’s another important change in the world of luxury jewels and timepieces: the reasons consumers are investing in these pieces. As women continue to climb through the corporate ladder and salaries grow so does a movement towards self-gifting. Rather than receiving diamonds after a proposal or an anniversary, women are celebrating their own accomplishments and rewarding themselves. Consequently, self-sufficient women are also a key demographic for Mayors through their relaunch.

“We are a brand that has offered an incomparable selection of jewelry and timepieces along with first-class service for over a century, and we look forward to welcoming a new generation of customers into the MAYORS world,” said Brian Duffy, CEO of the Watches of Switzerland Group. ■

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