La Prune Paris: Leather Goods Created to Please Kings

J.M. Towers

The legendary French company manufactures exclusive and elegant trunks, suitcases and handbags. Fine leather goods created exclusively for discerning clients seeking great quality and beautiful finishes.

Francis I (1515-1547) was one of the greatest rulers in the history of France, a lover of beautiful mansions, elegant furnishings and haute cuisine. He was a friend of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the arts, letters and sciences flourished under his reign.
La Prune Paris

During a visit to the south of France, the king tasted for the first time the famous French plums —prunes in French—of the Brignoles region. He loved them so much that he ordered to have a trunk full of plums sent to him each year. This story marks the birth of La Prune Paris, the legendary firm that currently manufactures exclusive and elegant trunks, suitcases, briefcases and handbags, fine leather articles are created exclusively for discerning clients seeking quality, the best materials and the finest finishes.

The French firm La Prune Paris continues the tradition of the custom made trunk, its banner product thanks to its beauty and elegance. Each trunk is specially manufactured and tailored and to fit the customer`s requests, using varied and noble materials such as poplar, beech or ocume wood; the best calf, cow and goat leather that rival with exotic ostrich, stingray, python and crocodile skins, and metals such as nickel, palladium or 24 carat gold.
La Prune Paris

Especially popular trunk models are their Picnic for al fresco lunches; the Caviar model that comes with its own table service that allows the sturgeon eggs to be enjoyed in the most sophisticated way; and the Kallista model with compartments and drawers for transporting precious jewels.

One of the favorites is the Naïade trunk, specially designed for sunny days at the beach, with spaces for your glasses, watch, keys, creams and magazines. It also has a audio system compatible with your cell phone or iPod to listen to your favorite music while relaxing on the sand.
La Prune Paris

Meanwhile, the briefcases made by La Prune Paris— which offer double openings for more comfort and covers for personal computers— are available in several colors and come with leather exterior lined with fabric. Also very comfortable are the Trolley suitcases, the 24h and 48h bags for short trips and, of course, the elegant summer handbags for women.

Golf enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the beautiful and elegant designs of La Prune Paris. Their shoulder bags to carry the golf clubs have plenty of pockets and diversity of colors. Among its accessories, the French firm also has a brown leather case for your iPad; handmade umbrellas and parasols in black and white, red, blue and cream as well as custom made leather belts.

Any of the products made by La Prune Paris is a feast for the eyes, a choice that reflects good taste and a source of satisfaction for the wearer.  ■

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