L’air du temps - L'écrin des colombes

L’air du Temps – L’écrin des Colombes: Nina Ricci’s New Elegant Creation

Mary Elizabeth Collins

A new fragrance based on the iconic perfume from 1948.

Nina Ricci, the legendary and prominent haute couture French fashion house, which also produces accessories, and perfumes, has stood the test of time for its good taste, design, and their unique sense of style.

The brand–founded in Paris in 1932–introduces a new perfume called L’Air du Temps – L’Écrin des Colombes, which translated into English means, the Air of Times – The Jeweler of the Doves.

L'air du temps

This new scent is based on the perfume L’Air du Temps—created in 1948–which is the absolute essence of femininity and celebrates eternal youth. Nina Ricci defines L’Air du Temps as “the air we breathe, the mood of the moment, a reflection of each era.”

The new fragrance, L’Ecrin Des Colombes, created by the renowned perfumer Francis Fabron, is a floral scent that symbolizes eternity and perpetual motion.

The unusual floral composition of jasmine, gardenia, violet, orchid, lily, carnation and roses, has a hint of amber, sandalwood, musk, benzoin, moss, vetiver, cedar, rosemary, and a touch of clove. It exudes an aura of serenity and lends an unforgettable personality to the woman who wears it.

Fittingly, the precious liquid comes in a striking and exuberant glass container whose artistic design is a tribute to the always elegant and sophisticated modern woman.

The outstanding artisans of the Parisian firm Gerard Lognon, which has produced fabrics and paper for haute couture, cinema, and opera since the 17th century was responsible for creating La Cage, a beautiful birdcage that serves to keep the exclusive edition of L ‘Écrin Des Colombes.

L'air du temps

The container uses a radiant yellow satin of the highest quality attached to the ridged pleats of the birdcage while the fabric is heated, cooled and shaped to the desired shape with the help of a pleating machine. With their hands and eyes accustomed to a delicate filigree work, they have transformed the noble raw materials into a three-dimensional artwork.

Maison Lalique—unequaled in their way they treat crystal—created a fascinating container, meticulously hand carved, to elevate a perfume in spectacular swirling wisps that glow under the glass doves, with flashes of pure gold that seem to float over the bottle cap.

Only 74 unique bottles— all handmade and individually numbered— are for sale. Each one is an object for which time stops, and silence becomes latent, as the design of the bottle and the beautiful box that contains it are a tribute to the exclusive vintage edition that Nina Ricci created 60 years ago for L’Air du Temps.  ■

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