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José Acosta: The Art of Bespoke

Patricia Abaroa

Design, tailoring and image consultation all in one very stylish place.


As a fashion model, Jose Acosta worked with esteemed designers such as Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo, and Pierre Cardin. Most recently, the young entrepreneur has stepped into a new role in the fashion industry with his new line of luxury goods for men. Acosta opened the doors to his atelier just last May in Brickell, South Florida’s major financial district in the heart of Miami, where he is finding quick and steady success. Acosta’s private, sea-facing space is adorned with antiques and art, and he is creating high-end design, tailoring and image consultation, all in one very stylish space.

José Acosta
José Acosta.

Acosta and his wife Patzy Espert fell in love with vibrant Miami after a family vacation in April 2014. Originally from Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, Acosta has lived all around the world in places like Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Athens, and Shanghai. Espert is also well traveled and has worked internationally as a former runway model and stylist. Acosta opened his first luxury tailoring shop called The Bauer Company in China. The couple lived in Beijing for about ten years, but when daughter Candela came along, they knew they had to change the scenario since Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in China—and the world.

“The first time I visited Miami on vacation, I fell in love with the city, the climate and its cosmopolitan fusion. Miami, with its pure air, sea, and light, has transformed us,” says the designer of the city his family and business, now call home.
José Acosta

Acosta brings a distinctively European flair to his creations: perfectly tailored, timeless pieces in the finest English and Italian fabrics. He makes tailored shirts, suits, and shoes using the best Italian and French leathers with hand made or hand painted patinas, and a selection of Italian-made silk accessories including scarves, ties, and bowties. The products are manufactured in Italy and Spain, using the best production processes available. He credits his European sensibilities to the time he spent working as a model in his “beloved Italy”. Suits start around the $800 mark, but go upwards to $30,000 for higher quality and limited fabrics. Shoes begin at about $300, but those created with exotic skins go upwards of $1,000.

Through image consultations and tailoring, Acosta ensures that every client is suited to the perfect fit and look. He takes everything into account, physical characteristics and personality included. “Each piece is unique, made for the customer with a distinctly European style in Spain and Italy by master craftsmen—of different generations—dedicated to the timeless art of dressing well. No two pieces, and no two people are alike,” Acosta says.
José Acosta

Acosta’s clients represent a broad range of men, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and celebrities who want to look their best at every moment: at the office, a gala or wedding, or even just a casual weekend getaway. Acosta also provides total confidentiality for his big-name clients. He’ll even do home visits, even if it means traveling to other states.

Aside from their business, Acosta and Espert are very active in philanthropic causes. Under a project called “One Suit, Many Lives” Acosta asks his clients to donate used suits for those unable to make such a purchase. The idea behind the initiative is that the suit will open doors and create opportunities for its new owner.

With a passion for sophisticated Italian style and a remarkable attention to detail, Acosta is bringing his travel experiences to his Miami atelier. “I often travel to Italy, where I lived for many years, where I was filled with inspiration to create now our designs,” Acosta concludes.  ■

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