Daniella Kronfle: The Unexpected Beauty of Jewelry

Patricia Abaroa

For this Miami-based jewelry designer, beauty is the constant art of wonder. Her secret is mixing unexpected textures and materials in her creations.

Daniella Kronfle is a self-described risk taker. She is driven by the element of surprise, mixing unexpected gems, materials and textures in her creations. Her aesthetic is a constant union of over-the-top glamour and bohemian chic, and her designs embody a collection of memories.

Born and raised in Ecuador, Kronfle’s love for jewels was passed down from her mother, a fine jeweler herself. Daniella Kronfle’s studies would later take her from the backdrop of Latin America to Europe and the United States. In Firenze, she earned a jewelry design degree at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute. In Paris’ La Sorbonne, she studied French Civilization and Languages. She is also a certified gemologist with a degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Pieces of Daniella Kronfle’s Charmed collection.

Daniella Krofle’s travels have a great impact on how she designs. “The different cultural influences I have encountered play a role in the artistic process,” she says. “Creativity is a sweet insanity, ideas come up when least expected. It is a permanent flow that floods my brain with a combination of colors, gemstones and shapes.”

Now, ten years after founding her eponymous label, the jewelry designer is seeking to expand her brand internationally. This past spring, she launched an e-commerce website and her pieces are now available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. This year, her first boutique debuted at the Miami Design District, a popular destination for art, design and high-end finds.

Pieces of Daniella Kronfle’s Mosaico di Luce collection.

The intimate space was designed by SesmaDesign’s Eduardo Sesma, a former senior designer at the internationally acclaimed firm Yabu Pushelberg. Guests were greeted by crystal chandeliers, and hand sketched drawings of Daniella Kronfle’s designs hung on amethyst colored walls. The specially curated selection of jewelry that was displayed in cases and vitrines delivered an explosion of colors and textures.

Daniella Kronfle has four collections under her design belt: Wanderlust, Charmed, Midnight Color Code and Mosaico di Luce. Each collection is made up of key statement pieces crafted in different jewel combinations. It’s not uncommon to find opulent gems (like diamonds, amethysts and sapphires) intertwined with earthier stones like malachite, white agate and tiger eye.

Pieces of Daniella Kronfle’s Wanderlust collection.

Each line is a joyful representation of Daniella Kronfle’s interests or passions, and she assures us she never creates a piece she would not wear. Wanderlust gives us a glimpse into her love of travel and adventure. The ultra-glam Midnight Color Code collection is inspired by the sights and sounds of the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. Mosaico di Luce is a high-end interpretation of nature, complete with serpent cuffs and rings that wrap around the finger. Charmed is her go-to summer collection and ode to femininity; earrings, necklaces and rings are adorned with colorful butterfly, heart and star charms (sometimes single, sometimes combined).

Pieces of Daniella Kronfle’s Mosaico di Luce collection.

Just like Daniella Kronfle is sharing a narrative through her jewels, she understands that each purchase is personal to the consumer: “Each piece of jewelry tells a different story and shows a different side of the person wearing it,” she says. “We want women to feel empowered, sophisticated and joyful. Jewelry is a way to express your personality and style, which in every woman is unique as our designs.” ■

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