Debbie Percy: Handbag Therapy

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Debbie Percy runs Acamar Coaching Limited, a company that works with individuals who want to change their lives and achieve their goals.

Her name is Debbie Percy. Her profession: handbag “reader.” She practices what she calls handbag therapy, a method that allows her to find out what the contents of a bag reveal about a woman, her lifestyle, her goals…

It sounds strange, but Percy is not a mind reader. She is a world-class coach with extensive corporate experience in the area of human resources after working for 21 years in diverse global companies in the UK and other countries.

Handbag Analysis

Debbie Percy is a founding partner of Equine Jigsaw, a project that trains horsemen to improve their confidence, goal setting, stress management and concentration. She also runs her own company, Acamar Coaching Limited, which specializes in working with individuals who want to change their lives and achieve their goals.

During the past six years, she has developed a unique method to guide her clients and help them change their lives through an innovative approach: the aforementioned handbag therapy, which aims to achieve the change that so many people want by analyzing the contents of their bags.

“The handbag reflects a woman’s past; the things we carry with us for years and don’t know why; the present, at what point in her life she is, if all her energy is focused on her family, if she is overwhelmed by her work, if she is going through a positive or negative emotional moment; and also reflects her future. Analyzing the contents of a handbag, you can even detect dreams, aspirations and life goals,” says Percy.

The coach, who has spent eight years practicing this therapy, also argues that “the handbag is an excellent tool to start organizing your life. When you are mindful of what’s inside your bag, you initiate the process to take control of the rest of your existence; this is the first step.”

Debbie Percy has worked with companies such as Value Retail, which manages luxury commercial outlets; but she also works with the public through her website. The process is simple: after emptying your bag, take a picture of the contents, send it to her email address and wait for her answer and conclusions.

You can also contact Percy through her postal address in Berkshire in southeast England. The cost of the bag reading is 14.24 euros (about US$15).  ■

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