Hallucination: Graff’s Dream

Heike Söns

In an effort to redefine the relationship between fine jewelry and horlorgerie, Graff Diamonds has created a watch with 110 carats of multicolored diamonds, making it the world's highest valued timepiece at $55 million.


The British fine jewelry firm Graff Diamonds deserves credit for a long list of exceptional jewels. Especially renowned internationally for its extraordinary selection of diamonds, the label has been a hallmark of excellence and audacity for many years, consistently outpacing its competitors. Now, in their zeal to excel and outdo itself, Graff has created one of the most unique and exclusive watches in the world: the Graff Hallucination. At Graff, the best resources and stones were gathered to make a truly remarkable watch, which now stands as the most valuable in the world with a price of 55 million dollars. It is not only its design what makes it so expensive, but also the hundreds of diamonds—totaling 110 carats— that adorn it.


The exquisite Hallucination features a kaleidoscope of glistening rare diamonds in various shades covering its discrete case. (The emergence of blue diamonds). It has been designed not only to attract attention, but also to redefine the marriage of jewelry and fine watchmaking. Much more than just luxury, it is a romantic declaration of love for life.

A competent team of designers needed thousands of work hours to refine the concept, initially conceived by Laurence Graff, chairman and founder of the firm. Once the design was completed, it took about two years to pick the stones, according to François Graff, Laurence’s son and CEO of the company. Later, the execution of the piece was entrusted to a select group of watchmakers and gemologists from the firm, under strict guidelines to achieve absolute perfection. As Laurence Graff points out, “The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural work of art, a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds. For many years, I dreamed of creating a truly remarkable watch, one that would demonstrate our deep passion for diamonds. The Hallucination is that dream come true.”


Laurence Graff is known for his adventurous spirit. In 2012, he performed one of his greatest feats acquiring a very rare pink diamond for $46 million. Soon after, he subjected the gem to a delicate polishing process and obtained an extraordinary result: the superb 23.88ct. Fancy Vivid Pink IF. So it should come as no surprise that his Hallucination captured everyone`s interest during Baselworld this year.

However, this magnificent piece is not only the product of Laurence Graff`s audacity, the credit is also shared by his brother Raymond, who carefully supervises the immaculate finishes of each piece produced by the firm. The combination of these factors makes Hallucination a reflection of the matchless quality of each of the diamonds used in it. By the way, did we mention it also tells the time?

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