Hackett London: The Exclusive English Style for the 21st Century Man

Nicholas Sterling

The firm epitomizes the British style combining the most exquisite tailoring with modern, elegant designs.

Founded in 1979, Hackett London is one of the most emblematic shops that embodies the British style. Their approach to menswear combines the exquisite know-how of experienced London tailors with original, modern and elegant designs.
Hackett London

The company was established by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, two young entrepreneurs who used to visit the famous Portobello Road market, west of the British capital, in search of second-hand clothing, which they would transform, repurpose and give them contemporary flair. The next step was to open a stand at Portobello. They were so successful, pretty soon they opened their shop at London’s Parsons Green.

The duo continued to sell stylish and unique repurposed clothes, but their ability to find the best garments and give them that special look attracted a great number of clients. The impact of their enterprise convinced them it would be a good idea to create their own line.

Starting from scratch but working with traditional manufacturers, Jeremy and Ashley created an exclusive collection of menswear and accessories inspired by the taste of the British men. From the start, they showed a daring use of color and design, getting the attention of young professionals who used to shop at the archetypal Savile Row.
Hackett London

By 1986, the reputation of the first store in Parsons Green propelled the opening of other stores dedicated to accessories, shirts, ties, and sportswear. This expansion made them world famous for the shirts designed exclusively for the British Army Polo team. The overwhelming popularity of the shirts prompted the company to increase productivity for all their customers. The success of this transaction allowed the designers to establish new stores in Eastcheap, Bishopsgate and Holborn, London’s exclusive financial and legal districts.

The firm´s sustained development and its increased presence in London and beyond caught the attention of the prestigious British firm Alfred Dunhill Ltd., which acquired a majority stake in Hackett London. This injection of capital and support allowed them to open its flagship store on London’s Sloane St.

Currently, Hackett London owns 29 stores across the UK and is represented in 15 countries in Europe, plus Hong Kong and Dubai.
Hackett London

In 2013 it opened its largest store in Regent Street, with an area of more than 9,000 square feet, and whose interior houses an exclusive Beefeater 24 bar.

Hackett London has become an emporium for the elegant man who seeks exclusivity in jackets and blazers, knitwear, shirts, pants, suits, coats and luxury accessories such as suitcases, bags, ties, and cufflinks. All the garments are made by Hackett London’s expert artists using noble fabrics like cashmere, silk, leather, tweed and high-quality cotton, combining modernity and tradition. Read about other bespoke products, including shoes.  ■

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