The Golden Fleece Collection: A Myth Becomes A Reality

Heike Söns

An exquisite collection of five pieces made entirely of the finest gold threads, dazzles with originality and beauty and puts the author, goldsmith Giovanni Cordage, under the spotlight. f


Unique mastery, imagination and skill are required to transform a mythological story into tangible objects that retain the dreamlike qualities of a myth. It is no small task to embark on a mission of such proportions. However, Italian goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja decided to take the challenge and achieve what no one had ever done: turn the mythological Golden Fleece into reality.

Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece has been one of the most captivating legends of Greek mythology for more than 3,000 years. The journey of the fabled Greek hero Jason and the Argonauts is emblematic. “It’s the story of a great achievement and the Golden Fleece is a symbol of perpetuity,” explains Corvaja. “I considered the possibility of approaching history from a pragmatic point of view and thought, ‘Instead of looking for the Golden Fleece, we can manufacture it.'”

After 12 years of experimentation—interestingly, the same time Jason took to find the Golden Fleece in the legend— the result of this enterprise is Golden Fleece, an exquisite collection of five pieces made entirely of the most delicate gold thread, which have garnered admiration from all corners of the world.

“For the public, it is difficult to connect the general notion of gold with the softness of these pieces,” says Corvaja. “These pieces are extremely soft to the touch, even though they are made of metal. It is something we are not used to. But that’s precisely what art is: something that can surprise people, and hopefully do so in a pleasant and gentle way.” Read more here about fashion and luxury.

Golden Fleece

Without a doubt, the most amazing piece of the collection is a hat that required nearly a year of painstaking labor and about 200 yards of the finest—almost invisible— gold thread. The collection also includes a pendant, brooch, bracelet and ring, all unique works of art. “Fairy-tales always talk about garments made with gold thread,” says Corvaja. “And I thought it would be great to create a fabric of this metal and turn it into a hat.”

Even Corvaja seems incredulous at such an achievement: “The Golden Fleece is a metaphor to describe something impossible to achieve,” says the talented goldsmith “A fascinating aspect of this work is the idea of a myth being transformed into a really.”

Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece collection is a clear demonstration that Corvaja has found in jewelry not just a vocation, but also an infinite range of expressions. “This collection portrays my passion for gold as a symbol of purity and perfection, and for the magic of transformation,” says the artist, whose work is known for its finesse and perfection.

For years, Giovanni Corvaja has created exquisite pieces that today are part of important collections worldwide. His creations have been exhibited in over 150 museums, among them the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Kunstgewerbe Museum in Berlin, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Montreal, and the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

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