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Globe-Trotter Luxury Luggage

Saida Santana

First class luggage with a touch of tradition for the most discerning travelers.

Style, beauty, safety, durability, tradition and distinction: these are some of the qualities Globe-Trotter luggage offers its customers.

The British firm has been supplying the European aristocracy with luxury luggage since 1897. By now it has become an icon of style, tradition and timeless aesthetics. The label continues to manufacture a wide range of handmade suitcases with original methods, and specializing in the use of vulcanized fiber—a material patented in Great Britain in 1859. The leather handles and finishes are the brand’s unmistakable stamp.

The Globe-Trotter Leather Company, a division of the British firm, has been producing leathergoods for the past 28 years. These include custom made pieces, as well as leather bound books, complete desktop sets or corporate markers. The customer just has to select the color, material and finish.

When we think about the historical characters that have used the brand’s products in the last hundred years, one cannot forget some of the 20th century’s greatest travelers. Who doesn’t remember Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s groundbreaking Antarctic expedition of 1912? How about Sir Winston Churchill or HRM Queen Elizabeth II? They all relied on the firm. Churchill used their briefcases while he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924, Queen Elizabeth II chose Globe-Trotter for her 1947 honeymoon, and continues to be a loyal fan of the brand. To top it all off, explorer Sir Edmund Hilary ascended to the first base camp of Mount Everest with gear from Globe-Trotter.

Yet, the firm continues to look into the future. Aware of the importance of combining tradition with modernity, it has introduced new designs by graffiti artist André, holding the standards of timeless elegance while, at the same time, infusing a touch of modernity to its Mr. A. line.

With Globe-Trotter, the art of travel is much more than moving from one place to another; it becomes an experience that carries memories from the past, images of beautiful places, and the company of cherished friends.

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