Gabriella Wimmer’s Handbags: Beyond Imagination

Patricia Abaroa

Gabriella Wimmer designs sophisticated, elegant accessories for women. Admired for their luxurious materials and finishes, her handbags are manufactured by skilled artisans in Italy.

Merging two of women’s greatest passions into one refined notion, Gabriella Wimmer’s jewelry handbags have become objects of desire for the women who want it all. Her luxurious accessories feature flawless, exotic animal skins and the perfect dazzle of diamonds. Her inspiration, a cultured woman with exquisite taste who makes no concessions, is a manifestation of herself.Gabriella Wimmer

Wimmer‘s creative flair originated in her childhood, the designer remembers making clothes for her Barbie dolls, but it wasn’t until 2010 that her creations took shape and her dreams materialized. Her jewelry handbags are made by Italian master craftsmen, silversmiths, leather artisans and jewelers under Wimmer’s careful direction to deliver impeccable artistry. “There’s a lot of love and time put into the bags, not just from myself, but also from the artisans I work with,” says Wimmer.

That love is seen in the details she pours from her soul into the dazzling designs: some bags carry a leather fleur de lis, a personal touch that represents her cherished grandmother. The GT bag, a sleek number, which fits perfectly into a car console, pays tribute to a former passion: Wimmer, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, was once a racecar driver.

Gabriella Wimmer

Her Royal Collection is ideal for a modern day princess. It features outstanding pieces, including the Shooting Star Duchess, an oversize clutch, playful in shape with a W-crown, glamorous with opulent skins and dazzling diamonds that catch the light just right, and the Contessa, a small clutch that fits perfectly in the groove of the hand–the precise size to carry just the essentials–is extra special given its uncommon angular shape.

Made with buttery rich calfskin lining, the interior of Wimmer’s bags is just as unique as their exterior. To add function to style, Wimmer introduces interior compartments in most of her pieces for cards and electronics. The designer offers different ways to personalize all her handbags with exotic skins, including Crocodile/Alligator, Ostrich and Python, in a multitude of colors and finishes. More diamonds can be added for the woman who doesn’t believe in modesty when it comes to jewels.

Gabriella Wimmer

Wimmer, a charming, worldly woman with boundless appreciation for adventure and a passion for pushing the limits, showcases a fresh concept with her line. Her handbags are sophisticated, no doubt about it, but unexpected shapes and colors give them an edge that make them standout in the best of ways. “I push myself to the limit, I make no compromises,” says the designer. “Going back to the racecar days, it was an adrenaline rush; it was pushing limits and making no compromises. I am a passionate person, almost to a fault, when I do something I put everything into it. You become a different person when you do that, and you find different ways of seeing things.”

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