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Four Seasons: Mikimoto Pearls In An Evocative Collection

Hanna Cohen

The latest collection presented by Mikimoto Pearls finds its inspiration in nature with luxurious pieces that evoke the four seasons of the year.


In the sophisticated world of pearls, there is a name that stands out thanks to its legacy and the flawless beauty of its pieces: Mikimoto. With over 120 years of history, this exclusive jewelry firm honors its legend and pays tribute to its founder with its latest nature-inspired collection, Four Seasons. In celebration of the seasons, precious stones and pearls are used to remind us of the yearly changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Mikimoto Pearls deliver the seal of perfection, finesse and beauty that its founder Mikimoto Kōkichi had in mind when— after years of hard work— he managed to create the first cultured pearl, which allowed him to conquer the difficult pearl business. On par with his eternal quest to grow a perfect pearl, Mikimoto’s dream was always to “adorn with pearls the necks of women all over the world”. This dream has become a reality as there is no elegant woman who is not attracted by the beauty and brilliance of these gems. In fact, there is an increasing demand for Mikimoto´s cultured pearls, which are considered jewels of the sea and a mystery of nature.

Mikimoto Pearls

Mikimoto is not the only company in the pearl market. However, this century-old label is synonymous with exclusivity. Since its inception, Mikimoto Kōkichi´s passion for perfection permeated all aspects of the process of pearls cultivation. Years of research and dedication, battles with the adversities of nature, legal disputes related to the patent and Mikimoto´s obsession with cultivation techniques that would improve the appearance of his product, have made it possible for the Japanese firm to now offer exclusive cultured pearls famous for the perfection of their shape, unique smooth surface and distinctive luster. The black pearl cultivation in the South Sea is one Mikimoto’s greatest achievements. Grown in the temperate waters of Okinawa, these pearls are characterized by their large size – 10 mm – and the multiple natural tones they reflect.

Mikimoto Pearls

Nature, the beginning and end of Mikimoto´s pearls, has always been the main source of inspiration for their designs. And the Four Seasons collection confirms it once more, four sets that evoke the notes, hues and feelings of each season of the year.

The Winter pieces, made with South Sea pearls – as white as the snow – and adorned with blue sapphires and white diamonds, transport us to the icy landscapes of ancient glaciers. Then, as in a subtle transition, the Spring pieces evoke the blossoming of nature and the growth of the spirit. The combination of tourmaline, amethyst, purple sapphires and diamonds that complement and embellish the pearls reflect the vitality, and the air of optimism experienced during this season.

Mikimoto Pearls

The Summer pieces express duality: pink, orange and yellow sapphires conjure romantic sunsets by the sea; while deep blue sapphires submerge us into cool waters that relieve the high temperatures of the season. And thus comes the last transition, the Autumn, and with it, yellow and orange sapphires surrounding the golden pearl of the South Sea with an air of nostalgia, creating a ring and necklace set unique for its beauty and elegance.

Mikimoto Pearls

Four Seasons has already become part of the legend. Based on something as simple and natural as the seasons of the year, the new Mikimoto collection is an example of exclusivity and sophistication, a collection all women can feel identified with, either wearing the beauty of a particular season or showing the charm of the transition between them, just as it happens every year.

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