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Footwear Fit for Kings and Emperors

Susana Ramudo

The most prestigious bespoke shoemakers in Europe.

Founded in 1816, and reputed to be the oldest shoemakers in Europe, Rudolf Scheer & Söhne is responsible for creating the finest footwear for the Austrian aristocracy. In 1878, after winning the International Medal of Merit, they became the official shoemakers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Both the Archduke of Vienna and the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I were known clients of this globally acclaimed cobbler.

For nearly 200 years the company has been working in the production of custom made shoes at their factory in the heart of Vienna. Neither wars nor economic crises have prevented them from discontinuing this legendary family tradition.

Currently the business is in the hands of the young, seventh generation, orthopedist, Markus Scheer. At the age of 40, Markus has maintained the immaculate reputation that the family business has had over the years, all the while managing to open a second location, Scheer Raum.

In addition to exquisite footwear for men and women, the business has extended and is now manufacturing belts and leather accessories like briefcases, wallets and mobile phone covers.

Scheer believes that a shoemaker must know all its customers personally, and thus the manufacturing process begins with an interview with the prospective client. He is personally responsible for taking their feet´s measurements, and this he does sometimes three times over a period of six months. He is also in charge of making the first of the final cuts.

All these preparations are required in order to create a true piece of art, with carefully handmade craftsmanship from start to finish, and little use of machinery. Like a jigsaw puzzle, his shoes consist of more than 200 pieces perfectly merged together.

One curious fact to note is that the leather used for the footwear is stored in Markus´s grandfather’s room, together with some old samples of crocodile, calf and zebra skins, used to make exotic shoes. The workmanship continues to be the same decade after decade.

Every year a maximum of 300 pairs of shoes are delicately constructed, each requiring a minimum of 60 hours of labor.

The results are stunning, exquisite and unique, but also comfortable and durable (the shoes can last between 25 and 30 years). Their undeniable quality makes them a worthwhile investment.

For those wishing to go to Vienna to purchase bespoke shoes and boots, Rudolf Scheer & Söhne is located in Braunerstrasse 4. With the purchase of a pair of shoes or boots, known to many as the best riding boots in the world, the client receives a lifelong cleaning service.

So next time you are in the market for the royal treatment remember you don’t need to be a monarch to be able to walk in their shoes.

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