Fendi Selleria: Honoring The Family Name

Hanna Cohen

Fendi celebrates the women who created the iconic Italian firm with its legendary Selleria line.

 Since 1925, Fendi has been synonymous with exclusivity, tradition and quality. True to its values and Roman origins, the label is known for its emblematic leather handbags: timeless and classic. However, through the decades, the Italian brand has been able to renew itself, always aware of the needs of modern women. This year, Fendi continues to surprise us with an unexpected twist as it refreshes its oldest handbags collection: Selleria.The iconic Selleria handbag collection was the first created by the firm and is highly praised for its outstanding craftsmanship: using the same techniques employed, by the ancient Romans, to make saddles. The meticulous work needed to create the bags, the choice and handling of the skins used, not to mention the way these bags are sewn by hand, are factors that make each handbag unique.

Fendi Selleria
Fendi Selleria Bag. All photos provided by

The exclusivity of these legendary pieces rests in the fact that they are made by request and customized according to individual tastes and desires. As part of the creative process, the client can choose the type of leather and color to be used, which has earned the firm a long list of loyal followers of its proverbial maxim: “the customer’s desire is always our law.”

True to its traditional elegance, Fendi has renewed some of its most recognizable bags and added eight new models to its Selleria line. Six of these new models celebrate the heroic women who have led the Italian firm to the zenith of luxury fashion: Adele, the founder of the maison, and her five daughters, Franca, Paola, Carla, Alda and Anna. The other two bags in the collection are Baguette and Peekaboo.

Fendi Selleria
Fendi Selleria Bag. All photos provided by

In this new incarnation of the Selleria collection, Fendi decided to attach the number of seams or stitches required to make each piece to the product’s name. Hence their titles: Adele 1328, Franca 2058, Paola 1192, Carla 650, Alda 326 and Anna 1322. The others have been renamed, Baguette 635 and Peekaboo 1584. This idea is a clear reminder of the care and passion devoted to making each piece. The manual process, used by Fendi, takes six times longer than the machine-made products found in other brands.

The design of each bag reflects the essence of the women behind Fendi. It was them who, in 1946, made a difference when they joined their mother and brought fresh ideas to the Italian house with powerfully transformative results. The tenacity of these women, and later the talent of the late Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, contributed to reinvent silhouettes and materials to restructure an iconic collection, and a classic brand.

Fendi Selleria
Fendi Selleria Bag. All photos provided by

Adele, Franca, Paola, Carla, Alda and Anna were the chosen names of Fendi’s Selleria line. This collection captures and transmits, through elegant, functional designs, the essence behind each of the Fendi women.

Since its re-launch in 2013, the brand continues to make other versions of Selleria as well, like the one launched this year: Selleria Roma-Amor. However, the latest versions of the bag are more modern than the classic Selleria bags, with neon colors.

Today, every woman can choose the model that best expresses her mood and lifestyle: sober, classic, daring, playful, multifunctional, comfortable or minimalist because they trust the women who design the Selleria line for other women. Which better suits your personality?

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