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Patricia Abaroa

The haute-jewelry house launches a colorful and joyous collection of engagement rings with colored gemstones, breaking out of the traditional alliance with diamonds.

Rings from the Three Colors of Love Collection

Every couple has a unique love story; some stories are just more colorful than others. Esteemed Russian jewelry house Fabergé is celebrating the joy of love by asking couples to think outside the box. Through their Three Colors of Love Collection, the firm is encouraging brides-to-be to say yes in color (#sayyesincolour) with new deep-hued engagement rings with sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Fabergé invites brides-to-be to say Yes in color. Emerald Ring.

In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned a diamond ring for Mary of Burgundy to ask for her hand in marriage. Since then, in the world of relationships, the diamond ring has come to signify the promise of being together for eternity. So, if the diamond means forever (a notion popularized in the 1940s by a DeBeers campaign), what do the new Fabergé gems represent? Romantics will be glad to know that behind every colorful Fabergé jewel, there’s special symbolism. Rubies ignite feelings of passion and devotion while sapphires represent sincerity and faithfulness; emeralds stand for spirituality and intuition. An additional matching gem concealed inside the interior of each band that remains in direct contact with the wearer represents an unbroken bond between the partners.

Ruby ring from Fabergé’s Three Colors of Love Collection.

Sapphire ring from Fabergé’s Three Colors of Love Collection.

The firm is celebrating the release of their creations with a digital campaign that features a short film showing different proposals with each of the engagement rings. The video reminds us that every love story is different and deserves its own gemstone (no two stones are alike) to reflect the couple’s preferences and path.

As marriage (and style) continue to evolve, so do engagement rings. While these colorful stones are leaps from the norm, a colored stone will leave you in good company: Prince William passed on his mother’s sapphire ring to Kate Middleton in honor of their 2011 nuptials.

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