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The New Ring Collection by Fabergé: Art in your hands

Mary Elizabeth Collins

The famous label seeks inspiration in its past to create a new collection of 15 women’s rings.

Fabergé, founded in 1842 in Imperial Russia, is one of the world’s most emblematic jewelry houses. Its seductive creations are refined and exquisite and have captivated exclusive clients for more than 170 years.

The firm became famous for designing dazzling eggs embedded with precious stones for Russian czars, and today it seeks inspiration in its past to introduce a new collection of 15 ladies’ rings.

Fabergé Rings

At Fabergé, the ring— symbol of power and eternity— becomes an object of desire, carved in precious metals and adorned with a variety of stones and white and colored diamonds, hand-selected for their quality, rarity, and beauty. They are the epitome of creativity and virtuosity and display the pictorial palette that brought world fame to the Russian brand.

Some of these rings are as individual and unique as the Treillage Multi Coloured Rose Gold Polished Thin Ring, inspired by the diamond lattice of a Faberge egg created in 1892. Made of 18-karat polished rose gold, it has blue and pink sapphires, rubies, amethysts, fire opals and white diamonds.

Another model, the Rococo Pink Enamel Rose Gold Thin Ring is a modern interpretation of rococo sensibility inspired by the gold folds that adorn the legendary Rocaille Easter Egg created in 1902 for Russian heiress Varvara Kelkh. This ring made of 18-karat pink gold with white and pink diamonds evokes the Louis XVI style made famous in the 18th century.

Also based on the old Fabergé Rococo collection, the Rococo Amethyst Rose Gold Ring shows a central oval amethyst mounted on a light pink gold frame.

Fabergé Rings

Elegance and sobriety describe the Heritage White Enamel Yellow Gold Ring, inspired by the original masterpieces of Faberge jewelry. It boasts round white diamonds and black enamel, embedded in 18-karat yellow gold.

Rococo Lace Multi Coloured Yellow Gold Ring is a beautiful model featuring white diamonds, round tsavorites, rubies, emeralds, yellow, blue, purple and pink sapphires embedded in 18-karat yellow gold.

One piece we find especially inspiring is the Treillage Diamond Rose Gold Matt Curved Ring, also based in the diamond lattice of the 1892 Faberge egg. It is a delicately curved ring with white diamonds set in 18-karat rose matte gold. And the Alix Sapphire Ring exemplifies the art of color, combining—with excellent taste and precision—one Alix sapphire with round white diamonds set in 18-karat pink gold.

Fabergé Rings

We should also mention the two models in the Devotion collection: the Devotion Amethyst 6.55cts Ring and the Devotion Cabochon Emerald Ring, which show Faberge’s exceptional artistic ingenuity and craftsmanship in gemstones chosen for their exquisite color, cut, clarity, and character. The rings of this collection are ideal to wear at important and memorable events.

Other available models of Faberge rings include Emotion Multi Coloured Ring, Rococo Purple Enamel Rose Gold Wide Ring, Treillage Diamond Rose Gold Matt Ring, Treillage Multi Coloured Rose Gold Polished Wide Ring, Marie Emerald Ring and Ella Pink Sapphire Ring.  ■

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