Exclusive Gifts For Women: Luxury From Head To Toe

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Hermès, Boucheron and Louboutin continue to create luxurious products to attract their exclusive clientele. Here are five irresistible gift ideas for the women in our lives.

Luxury brands continue to put forth their greatest efforts to attract the attention of their clients, turning their products into unavoidable objects of desire. Below, are five irresistible gifts for the women in our lives that are sure to put a happy smile on their face.
La Mer and Boucheron

Exclusive pieces
As a celebration of luxury and feminine beauty, La Mer and the legendary jewelry house Boucheron have worked to create an exquisite limited edition of the iconic Crème de la Mer, sold in an exclusive container. Inspired by pearls and the rich heritage of both brands, each bottle is immaculately handmade, topped with a gleaming cabochon that evokes the blue sea and boasts Boucheron’s characteristic signature, Clous de Paris, printed with gold leaf. Each jar takes about three months to complete, so you need to order it in advance. Priced at $20,000, it is only available in Harrods, the exclusive store in the British capital.
New Heights
Exclusive pieces
Fully lined with bright, multicolored crystals, Christian Louboutin’s Daffodile platforms are a festive declaration of femininity and glamour. Ideal for adding a fun touch to evening wear or to give new life to a pair of pants, these showy platforms can be combined in countless ways. Louboutin’s distinctive “red sole” has become the symbol of the audacious woman. With a price of around $6300, this shining jewel is undoubtedly a must in any fashionista’s wardrobe.
A Handbag for a LifetimeExclusive piecesSometimes it seems impossible to find a purse or handbag that will not go out of fashion in a few weeks. But the elegant Mundu bag, from the Hungarian designer Tokai D’Ora, is a work of art that subtly combines alligator skin with pearls and precious metals. This is one of those coveted pieces, which will become, over time, a valuable heirloom. It comes in 39 different colors, and includes a leather strap in case you want to carry it over the shoulder. Each handbag bears a unique serial number, as well as the owner’s name. You can also have a message engraved on a gold plate, inside the bag. The price? Around $12,000.An Iconic Bracelet

Exclusive pieces

One of the most iconic pieces created by the French house Hermès is the legendary Collier de Chien. The latest edition of the exclusive bracelet is able to captivate even the woman who has it all. The bracelet—which recreates the original 1949 edition—is covered with a plate of white gold, and for the first time, it is incrusted with diamonds. Chic, modern and very personal, it is also available in turquoise blue for the same price: $32,000.

Elegant, Exclusive and Very Practical

Exclusive pieces

Handmade with genuine python skin and detailed with a magnetic lid, this case for Byredo fragrances has been designed to meet the needs of women travelers. It fits perfectly in your purse, and this edition includes a 12-milliliter bottle of Gypsy Water, a fresh fragrance with hints of wood and vanilla. The kit, which costs $300, is also available with different signature fragrances such as Oud Immortel and Bal D’Afrique

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