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Etho Maria Shines At Baselworld

Patricia Abaroa

The acclaimed Greek label is known for timeless, classic pieces that are unique but easily identifiable.


The 2014 Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show attracted over 100,000 visitors to the elegant Swiss city of Basel. Denizens of the watch and jewelry world were treated to some of the latest innovations available in the market today from the leading brands. Among the highly regarded exhibitors, the prestigious Greek firm Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie was one of this year’s shining star.

Etho Maria
EMHJ. Blue Briolette Collection.

Recognized for their immaculate craftsmanship, Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie has with more than twenty years of expertise in gemstones and high jewelry creation, and that was evident during the Swiss event. Now expanding their brand to the Americas, Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie is available at Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers.

Etho Maria
EMHJ. Fidias Collection.

Using carefully hand-selected stones and demonstrating an undeniable dedication to innovation and luxury, the firm designs pieces for a very eclectic client. Their diverse customers, which include celebrities, socialites and royals, have a penchant for exceptional designs with a different twist. The pieces are original, bold, and most importantly, make a lasting statement.

The firm has a way of creating beautiful items for those who have come to expect the unexpected. Their pieces are unique but at the same easily identifiable. In their
Artisan Collection, Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie mixes the beauty of turquoise and aquamarine with diamonds to deliver contemporary treasures, while, in the firms’ Boutique Collection, the Amoeba Line mixes vivid hues with unanticipated shapes offering up remarkably joyful, show-stopping pieces.

Etho Maria
EMHJ. Tsiki Tsiki Collection.

But the innovative Greek label doesn’t shy away from timeless solid diamond jewels, and in their classic
Haute Jewelry Collection, the label plays with different forms to create extraordinary pieces: multi-row diamonds adorn earrings and rings, and in an elegant cuff, diamonds emerge as wearable pieces of art.

Etho Maria
EMHJ. Tsiki Tsiki Collection.

For Etho Maria Haute Joaillerie, variety is the spice of life. Their dynamic creations showcase the harmony of elements and stones and solidify jewelry creation as a vital art form. With imaginative, timeless pieces, their designs are sure to be coveted by the fashion savvy yearning for quality and ingenuity.

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