Dior Homme Paris

Walter Raymond

Dior debuts a new boutique in Paris only for men.

The new boutique, located at 24 rue François 1er., could eventually become a global reference for menswear.

Dior has recently put the spotlight on menswear. Proof of this is the recent opening of its new boutique dedicated exclusively to men’s products, located in Paris’ exclusive Golden Triangle, near the traditional Dior stronghold and the Champs-Elysees.

The fanciful presentation of the new Dior flagship boutique, which opened in early October, reflects the growing trend of the traditional French Maison towards men’s fashion.

Dior Homme París

Elegant and ready-to-wear collections

The stately exterior architecture of Dior Homme in Paris contrasts with the dynamic modern lines of its interior, which is distributed on two floors. The wedge-shaped building has spacious and sunny spaces that provide natural light and enhance the decorative details in translucent white resin, wood, black leather and stainless steel.

In the boutique’s comfortable and relaxing areas, the client will find a diverse selection of stylish collections, complemented by formal prêt-à-porter garments, accessories and footwear designed by creative director Kris Van Assche. Dior Homme Paris also offers its customers a unique experience through a range of personalized services that include orders and the novelty of the demi-mesure (semi-bespoke) salon, designed to facilitate the personalization of Dior’s creations.

Dior Homme París

Custom-made Dior

The singular experience of Dior’s demi-mesure starts with something as personal as choosing one of the models from the select catalog, which includes fourteen designs for suits, fifteen shirts, and two jackets. The client has the assistance of a specialist for fabric selection. They help costumers choose from a broad range of approximately 600 textiles for suits and 200 for shirts.

Dior Homme París

Once the type of garment and the fabric have been defined, a tailor from the Dior Homme team will take accurate measurements. Later, skilled craftsmen will proceed with cutting, sewing, attaching collars, lapels, and pockets, and paying particular attention to the client’s specifications. A few weeks later, the client comes for the first fitting. At this point, the last details and touches are completed. The result is a custom-made Dior garment that will be delivered in a beautiful cover embroidered with the Dior emblem.


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