De Grisogono’s Take On A Classic

Ana B. Remos

De Grisogono has brought us some of the most beautiful timepieces for women.


Imagine having a small universe, one whose every mechanism you could observe: action and reaction, accumulative gain and continuity. If you forget about this small universe and return to it later, you will find that it has continued churning faithfully. Its virtue deserves to be lauded with diamonds. This is the de Grisogono Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello, a fusion of the art of horology with exquisite jewelry.

After two decades of serving commodities of glamour and technical expertise to women, last year de Grisogono released its interpretation of the Tourbillon complication–an 1800’s patent that defied the effects of gravity on a watch’s precision. The Tourbillon complication allows for essential parts to be in constant motion about a central axis, thus they never rest in one position where gravity can affect them; gravity can work against or in favor of springs.

The Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello innovates with a novel position of the Tourbillon at 8 o’clock–slightly off-center for femininity. The watch dial is covered with white mother of pearl, and the case is made of 18K white gold with 469 encrusted diamonds. It has a power reserve of 72 hours, and the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters. The collection was released as a trilogy of white, black and brown diamond watches.

YEAR 2012
Manual, cal. DG 31-88 tourbillon
19 jewels, power reserve 72 hours
White Gold Oval XL, fully paved (including middle case)
with 469 white diamonds of 4.20 ct. and 33 diamonds
of 3.52 ct., black diamond crown set with 0.1 ct.,
diameter 60.49 x 28.28mm
White mother-of-pearl covered deck,
tourbillon at 8 h, white gold
Dauphine hands
White Galuchat, white gold buckle
set with 140 white diamonds
Brown diamonds
Black diamonds


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