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Cufflinks: Male Bling

Heike Söns

Exclusive styles for the most elegant item in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

While it is true that precious gemstones are able to warm up the coldest female heart, the same can be said about men. Trends are changing, and today’s top designers keep finding ingenious solutions to include precious stones in masculine attire.

One of the most striking ways to enhance a gentleman’s outfit is by wearing an exclusive set of cufflinks. Originally invented to replace the slats used in ancient times, today they have become a mandatory accessory in the wardrobe of the most elegant men. Here is a collection of some of the most extravagant cufflinks on the luxury market.

Floating Diamonds


Add a touch of glamour to your life with this bold accessory, designed by Jason of Beverly Hills. These splendid oval shaped cufflinks feature loose diamonds floating elegantly within a circular case, which bring a little pizazz to discreet masculine attire, without the exaggerated sparkle that could ruin the entire look. Available in various color combinations and made with 14k gold and 1.8ct. diamonds, these cufflinks are perfect to grace an outfit for a special and unforgettable occasion. Available for $4,995.

Canary Sparkle


Jacob & Co. stands out, since its debut, 25 years ago, for elegance and beauty in the jewelry they create for both men and women. Therefore, it is not surprising that their canary diamond cufflinks have become a classic item for the most discerning and fashionable men in the world. Considered among the most expensive, these cufflinks are coveted by the rich and famous. Each set is delicately made with 18K white gold and encrusted with a 20ct. canary diamond. Their estimated cost is $4.2 million.

Mechanic Elegance


Luxury Swiss watchmaker Milus has added a new set of its mechanical cufflinks to its 2013 collection, Joaillerie. The new model features parts used in their iconic timepieces and are covered with sapphire crystal. Available in stainless steel, pink or yellow gold, these cufflinks include 160 small white diamonds and are inspired by the mechanisms and precision of Swiss haute horology. Unique and exclusive, their price oscillates between $4,500 and $8,500.

For Peace


For the more extravagant gentleman, Fonderie 47 recently launched a set of convertible cufflinks. Their mechanical appearance reminds us of the shape of a bracelet or a timepiece. And this is not a coincidence, when attached; these cufflinks can be worn as a bracelet. Designed by Roland Iten, the striking jewels were released in a limited edition of 10 pairs. They come in 18K pink or white gold. However, what sets these cufflinks apart is that they integrate parts of dismantled AK-47 rifles from Africa. Its price, $52,000, is enough to buy back and destroy 100 assault riffles in Africa.

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