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Nicholas Sterling

Created a year after the firm was integrated into the French Federation of Couture, this collection was presented during the Paris Haute Couture Week.


A very young Swiss jeweler named Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded a small family business in the bucolic village of Sonvillier in the canton of Bern, in 1860.

His skills producing exquisite and reliable handmade pocket watches earned him a deserved reputation and lots of fame. Some of his creations were sold throughout Europe and captivated influent buyers such as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

But it wasn’t until 1937 that the Chopard brand would move to Geneva—the world capital of fine watchmaking. Paul Louis Chopard—the son of the company’s founder—made this significant move.

Chopard remained a family business until 1963 when it was sold to Karl Scheufele III, the third generation of a German watchmaker dynasty that was expanding at the time. The acquisition gave new impetus to Chopard, which had achieved recognition and status both in jewelry and watchmaking.

Maison Chopard personifies the smart alliance between the art of crafting watches and making beautiful jewels. Besides, the brand has always excelled at meeting and listening to the needs and expectations of its client. Hence, their core values: experience, tradition, innovation, and commitment.

The company’s talents are showcased in their new jewelry collection, created just a year after they joined the French Couture Federation.

It is a display of precious jewels virtually executed by Chopard’s experience craftsmen—at their Geneva workshop—and combines colorful gems with gold and titanium.

Every design is a masterpiece of glamor and good taste, especially the three bracelets with brightly colored gems on hand colored titanium.

The first bracelet is a tribute to spring; we see two butterflies in topaz, tourmalines, and amethysts resting on green leaves covered with gems. The figurines can be detached from the bracelet, and the wings transformed into earrings or a brooch.

The second bracelet is a stunning combination of 18K gold, decked with amethysts, emeralds, tourmalines and sapphires and set in titanium. And the third bracelet shows two rows of flowers with diamond leaves set with blue sapphires, tourmalines, and diamonds on colored titanium.

Equally dazzling is the titanium necklace clad in blue and red precious gem; at the center, a head turning 14-carat tanzanite. Also beautiful is a pair of jade earrings with emeralds and diamonds.

Three new rings have been added to this year’s Chopard Fleurs d’Opal Collection. These come adorned with a large central opal and diamond petals set on a delicate gold and titanium structure.

The new jewelry collection possesses great beauty. It shows the talent, patience, skill and experience of a team of artisans who represent the most precious assets of a company born more than 150 years ago.

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