Cervelt: The World’s Most Exclusive Socks

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The quality and rarity of the materials used to make these sophisticated socks make them the most exclusive in the world, with a price of $1,500 per pair.

Harrys of London, a firm dedicated to luxury footwear and accessories has launched in the international market a limited edition of Cervelt socks. Perhaps not the most expensive male accessory, but according to the manufacturer, the quality and rarity of the materials used make them the most exclusive in the world.Cervelt socks

This company, renowned for its remarkable combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest footwear technology, creates products that stand out for their exceptional quality and exemplary design featuring the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

The headquarters of Harrys of London are located in the well-known district of Belgravia, famous for hosting sumptuous mansions and embassies. From this exclusive London enclave, the company operates seven boutiques and two stores in Japan. In addition, their shoes and accessories collections can be found in the finest department and specialty stores in more than 20 countries.

Cervelt socks

These limited edition socks (only 100 pairs will be produced) are strong, gray in color and made with fine Cervelt, recognized worldwide as one of the finest textiles. The yarn is made in traditional fashion and is extracted from the hair of the majestic New Zealand red deer. This lightweight tissue, softer than cashmere, is resistant to wrinkles and has great elasticity. The variety of red deer from which the fabric is extracted was brought to New Zealand by the Earl of Dalhousie from his farm in Invermak, Scotland, in the 1870’s. This variety is the only survivor of the pure Cervus elaphus scoticus species.

Due to the extreme temperatures of New Zealand winters, the red deer that inhabit its forests have genetically mutated to create a thin and soft coat that protects them from the cold and humidity. Cervelt fiber is extracted precisely from that coat. The exclusivity of the socks lies in the fact that only 20 grams of fiber can be collected from each red deer every year, hence its rarity and unique qualities, which make it one of the most coveted natural textiles in the world.

Cervelt socks

The quality of the fabric and the outstanding craftsmanship of skilled Italian artisans, who, in addition, dye and weave a material so exquisite and sophisticated, perhaps justifies the price of the Cervelt socks: around $1,500 a pair.

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