Bulletproof suit: elegance and security made to measure

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Protective body armor can be tailored to demonstrate that safety does not have to sacrifice style and elegance.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen often must travel to dangerous locations around the world. There is a handful of cities around the globe where the life of citizens and visitors could be placed in danger without prior warning, including the possibility of a terrorist attack, armed robbery or kidnapping. Some of these businessmen have opted to wear bulletproof vests for their safety, but these are heavy and uncomfortable devices that can even attract the attention of thugs and criminals.
Bulletproof Suit
This is where the prestigious menswear label Garrison Bespoke of Toronto, comes in. The Canadian firm has designed an elegant, bulletproof three-piece suit, for those costumers who put their lives in danger with every trip abroad. Security, it seems, does not have to be at odds with fashion and good taste. Garrison Bespoke is a luxury menswear boutique located in Toronto´s financial district, renowned for their custom tailoring and modern suits with a classical cut that add a touch of elegance and style to every creation.
Michael Nguyen, the boutique’s co-founder is an experienced tailor. After one of his favorite clients, an executive at a major cosmetics company, was killed in the Philippines, he was convinced that Toronto needed to offer discreetly armored clothing, and set up for the challenge.Bulletproof Suit“Many of our clients work in finance, mining and oil, and often travel to dangerous parts of certain countries,” says Nguyen. “They could wear casual clothes to avoid attracting attention, but prefer to wear classic suits that create a better impression. With our new concept suits, they can feel comfortable, safe and secure without sacrificing elegance and professionalism.”From the onset, making a bulletproof suit became a great professional challenge for the business. They researched the most modern materials, and met with top security experts, to create a lightweight garment that would not only look distinguished, but also provide complete, reliable protection.Bulletproof SuitThe resulting product is completely handmade. The suits require long hours of painstaking craftsmanship and careful detailing and introduce large amounts of carbon nanotubes, a new material created by scientists through the manipulation of carbon atoms, originally developed to protect U.S. troops in Iraq.Carbon nanotubes are synthetic fabrics, that can be layered in the shape of fibers or sheets, so strong they have to be cut with a powerful saw. Nanotubes have proven stronger and more effective against bullets than their predecessor, Kevlar, and are also said to cause less bruising than other protective materials when the individual has the misfortune of being hit by a bullet. This new fabric also protects against stabbing attacks, since the material is 30 times stronger than steel and impossible to pierce.Bulletproof SuitThe cost of a bulletproof suit from Garrison Bespoke starts at around $20,000, but the final price really depends on additional factors like the cut of the suit, the collection and the quality of the fabrics chosen by their exclusive clients. At the moment, the waiting list for one of this unique suits is quite long since these pieces are only made to order and individually tailored to each client.

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