Fall-Winter 2014 Collection

Billionaire Italian Couture: Luxury In Menswear

Patricia Abaroa

A leader in men’s global fashion, Billionaire Italian Couture’s exemplary style, fabrics and cuts proudly boast the Made in Italy trademark.


Luxury is the quintessential element of Billionaire Italian Couture, the luxury ready-to-wear line established in 2005 by Flavio Briatore in conjunction with the Italian Percassi Group. A focus on detail and an affinity for the finest materials and exotic skins give the brands’ clothing and accessories a couture quality. Crafted by hand by Italian artisans in small laboratories, the label proudly boasts the Made in Italy trademark. Briatore understands his client and ensures that his brand meets the demands of this man, whom he describes as “a globe trotter. A very savvy and demanding individual with specific tastes. He comes to Billionaire because he knows he can find excellent quality and manufacturing, but also a collection that comprises classics and trendy options and many accessories, like luggage and belts.” Read here more about fashion and trends.

Billionaire Italian Couture
Flavio Briatore.

For the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Creative Director Mario Chiarenza marries signature Billionaire Italian Couture cuts with bold colors, striking prints and luxurious textiles. Gathering inspiration from the medieval era, a rich color palette reminiscent of church stained glass windows and intricate fabrics draw from 14th century Europe while tiger and dragon motifs pull from 14th century Asia.

“We create our own prints, produced exclusively for our brand, which become the strong focus of the collection,” says Chiarenza. The distinctive prints in this collection add flair to classic pieces. Timeless meets new in the brand’s collection of immaculately crafted day and evening blazers, with versions in silk prints, floral jacquards and even a sequined number. The standout for the season is a “Knights Print” blazer, which looks irrevocably fresh when worn with a matching button down shirt and muted wool trousers. Buttons are added using mother of pearl, horn, glass and Swarovski crystals to reaffirm the brand’s focus on attention to detail.

Billionaire Italian Couture’s FW14 collection welcomes in a younger consumer, with its complete array of bomber jackets and slippers. The versatile jacket is offered in traditional versions, think leather and silk, but Billionaire is more daring with the inclusion of vibrant red crocodile, multi-colored python and mink fur. The perfect midway point? A gorgeous gray ostrich bomber jacket that looks as sleek as it does luxurious. BIC’s slippers prove to be the most attention grabbing of all the accessories. In an extensive range of colors, motifs and materials, they look equally impressive when donned with a pair of jeans or a well-fitted suit. Slippers range from classic to trendy, carrying timeless embellishments, like tassels and crests, or even studs.

Clean lines and immaculate tailoring provide Billionaire Italian Couture with fundamental pieces, while opulent fabrics, vibrant shades and unusual prints add depth and novelty. The design, look and atmosphere are consistent throughout their stores worldwide, located in International business cities such as London, Dubai, Moscow and in select destinations like Miami’s Design District, St Tropez, St Moritz or Bodrum. Billionaire Italian Couture makes luxury its premise, and Briatore knows what luxury is: “Often, especially designer clothes, can be too complicated and unpractical. When I wear something that fits like a glove, has a great cut and is made of the best fabrics, I feel free and good about myself, I look smart and confident and to me, this is luxury. Luxury is to feel good and be comfortable in what you wear.”

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