Angelo Galasso: Bespoke Exclusivity

Heike Söns

Angelo Galasso offers custom tailoring from his exclusive boutique inside New York’s Plaza Hotel.

In an era when mass production seems to be the last surviving trend, even in luxury wear, nothing compares to the pleasure of wearing bespoke products. And even when you think all territories have already been explored, a select handful of fashion experts show us that there is still hope, with emerging styles, which are regularly reinvented.

Angelo Galasso

It is, therefore, no coincidence that, with creations that are both classic and avant-garde, the designer Angelo Galasso has managed to conquer the hearts of personalities such as King Abdullah of Jordan, Al Pacino, Roger Moore, Sir Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Michael Caine and Morrissey, trendsetters many of them, and all icons of elegance.

Galasso has shown us that the right combination of passion and good taste can go a long way. He keeps taking risks within the range of classic apparel. To the delight of those who demand exclusivity, he recently incorporated Unico— custom tailoring service—to the maison Angelo Galasso, located inside the emblematic Plaza Hotel in New York City.

According to Galasso, the Plaza represents the values of his firm. “It was always my dream to have a place in the same hotel in which Truman Capote held his masquerade ball, one of the most stylish events in history,” says the Italian designer, who has created a fashion house, known for its high quality and classic designs that highlight the personality of whoever wears them.

Angelo Galasso

Angelo Galasso
’s collections are characterized by the use of exclusive materials for each garment, designed with innovative detail to stylize the male figure through elegant pieces manufactured according to traditional techniques of Italian tailoring.

Bespoke concepts are based solely on satisfying the costumer’s wishes. “Unico is the answer for the modern man who demands an image and designs of supreme quality. Every man is different and wants to express his individuality in a unique way. I created this experience for the man who wants to stand out and make a statement of individuality so that anyone who is looking for that will be pleased by my creations, “says Galasso.

At Galasso in New York, women will also enjoy the experience of commissioning a custom made wardrobe from the workshops of this fashion artist. Critics worldwide have praised his white tuxedo, created for the successful, sophisticated and feminine New York woman.

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