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Albert Kriemler: A Sartorial Visionary

Nicole Cueto

35 years after he joined the now ultra luxurious firm Akris, Kriemler is responsible for turning the ultra luxe firm into a global empire.

Curious by nature, and now by profession, Albert Kriemler, Creative Director of Akris, is a sartorial visionary.

Born in 1960 in Switzerland, Albert Kriemler’s interest in creative couture is generations deep. As a young child growing up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, he watched his grandmother selling polka dot aprons to the women of their tiny Swiss town. His father would later enlist him in the family business at only 20 years old. Kriemler hasn’t left the business since, despite his initial intent to travel to Paris for fashion school and an apprenticeship with Givenchy’s atelier.

Albert Kriemler
Albert Kriemler.

Thirty-five years since his entry into the now ultra-luxe labelAkris, Kriemler, has built one of the largest privately owned fashion houses, turning it into a global empire and lending his name to one of the most successful brands in haute couture history. While Akris may not be the household name that firms like Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani have come to be, Kriemler has solidified the firm’s stance in the high fashion world with modern, feminine designs using fabrics of the highest quality.

Staying true to an artist’s aura, he is inspired not by trends, but the world around him. While each impeccable piece that Akris releases is made in Switzerland, Kriemler travels the globe sharing his vision and draws from architecture, culture, art and societal designs to bring back to the drawing board, transferring creativity into ready-to-wear pieces. And for added detail, Kriemler even travels with a “little bag of materials,” helping him identify and recognize how each piece of fabric is impacted by varying environments, including different lighting, temperatures, and environmental conditions. As a nod to his innovative grandmother Alice, each garment comes complete with hidden polka-dots in the lining.
Albert Kriemler

A stickler for design and insistent in using only the best materials, the designer is fond of the utmost quality and simplicity. Kriemler has found a way to express his creativity and craftsmanship through wearable works of art. In doing so, he and the Akris team have developed chic, yet timeless apparel, blending functional elements with the ultimate modernity with the Alpha woman in mind. Some of his most notable clients include Princess Charlene of Monaco, former US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice and famed actress and international activist, Angelina Jolie.

And yet, Akris isn’t just for the powerful, famous women. The label is also one of the bestselling high-end department store brands in the world. With displays in stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Akris is a force that attracts all types of women.
Albert Kriemler

A true lover of all culture, Kriemler has also worked with ballet choreographer John Neumeier by designing the costumes for productions of The Legend of Joseph.

With no sign of exiting the world of fashion, Albert Kriemler is a testament to the global success of the Akris label. This fall, Mr. Kriemler was honored for his long-standing dedication to craftsmanship, innovation and simplistic designs at the 2016 Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion in New York City. With this award, Kriemler joined the ranks of world renowned designers like Manolo Blahnik and Oscar de la Renta.  ■

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