Vizcaya Museum and Gardens’ hosts 62nd Annual Vizcaya Ball


PLACE | Miami

HOST | Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

November | 2018

As one of the most celebrated formal affairs in Miami, the "East Meets West: The Silk Road to Vizcaya" Ball began with a majestic entrance through a traditional Chinese gate, with guests being greeted on a golden carpet by ladies from the Confucius Institute of Miami Dade College. Dressed in elegant Chinese gowns the ladies from the Confucius Institute and dancers coordinated by the South Florida Chinese Business Association and the Chinese Cultural Education Foundation entertained everyone before entering the Main House for an impressive Asian- and Eastern-inspired cocktail reception. Inside, presenting sponsor Chopard’s boutique shined with elegant watches and jewelry while models featured Fashion Sponsor NAEEM KAHN’s designs. Before the bayfront dinner by Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design, guests witnessed a Lion Dance in Vizcaya’s formal gardens. NBC 6’s Roxanne Vargas together with Vizcaya’s Executive Director/CEO Joel Hoffman welcomed and thanked guests for their support. Dinner entertainment included Persian dancers from M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble followed by the sounds of the Danny Beck Band. The evening concluded with a fireworks display high over the historic stone Barge. Pearl Baker Katz and Silvia Trinidad served as co-chairs of this year’s event. Vizcaya Ball Committee members were Jenni Coba, Victor Diaz, Swanee DiMare, Roxana Garciga, Sonia Gibson, Linda Levy Goldberg, Gladys Rustan Hernando, Cathy L. Jones, Marile Lopez, Nicole Lozano, Christine Martin, Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Bronwyn Miller, Jennifer Montoya, James W. Murphy, Susan Rutrough, Timothy Walker and Alexa Wolman.

Vizcaya Ball Committee
Vizcaya Ball Committee: Gladys Rustan Hernando, Ariel Penzer Milgroom, Sonia Gibson, Silvia Trinidad, Joel Hoffman, Pearl Baker Katz, Bronwyn Miller, Jennifer Montoya, Linda Levy Goldberg, Leyla Portela, Alexa Wolman, Nicole Lozano, Timothy Walker, Christine Martin and Roxana Garciga. Photo by:
Pearl Baker Katz Joel Hoffman Silvia Trinidad MH
Pearl Baker Katz, Joel Hoffman and Silvia Trinidad. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Roxanne Vargas Danny Rodriguez MH
Roxanne Vargas and Danny Rodriguez. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Carolina Lindo Andrea Salazar Maria Claudia Gonzalez Tamar Tzubeli Ariel Penzer Milgroom WRE
Carolina Lindo, Andrea Salazar, Maria Claudia Gonzalez, Tamar Tzubeli, Ariel Penzer Milgroom. Photo by:
Commisioner Sally A. Heyman MH
Commisioner Sally A. Heyman. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Carolina Tundidor Bronwyn Miller Swanee DiMare Silvia Trinidad Migna Sanchez Llorens Sarah Egan WRE
Carolina Tundidor, Bronwyn Miller, Swanee DiMare, Silvia Trinidad, Migna Sanchez-Llorens, & Sarah Egan. Photo by:
David Martin Christine Martin WRE
David Martin and Christine Martin. Photo by:
Claudine Choquette Indira Raggio WRE
Claudine Choquette and Indira Raggio. Photo by:
Jenni Coba Victor Diaz Asha Elias WRE
Jenni Coba, Victor Diaz and Asha Elias. Photo by:
Alexa Wolman Adan Wolman MH
Alexa Wolman and Adan Wolman. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Keith Williams Nicole Williams Claudia Miyar Angles Marc Angles WRE
Keith Williams, Nicole Williams, Claudia Miyar-Angles and Marc Angles. Photo by:
Lesli Brown Suzanne Birbragher WRE
Lesli Brown and Suzanne Birbragher. Photo by:
Meghana Rajadhyaksha Naeem Khan Amar Rajadhyaksha Walid Wahab WRE
Meghana Rajadhyaksha, Naeem Khan, Amar Rajadhyaksha and Walid Wahab. Photo by:
Ariel Penzer Milgroom Jeremy Milgroom WRE
Ariel Penzer Milgroom and Jeremy Milgroom. Photo by:
Scott Richey Karla Richey Martha De La Fuente Bruno De La Fuente WRE
Scott Richey, Karla Richey, Martha De La Fuente and Bruno De La Fuente. Photo by:
Sonia Gibson Shawn Khosravi Cecilia Ann Dumitru Cathy Jones WRE
Sonia Gibson, Shawn Khosravi, Cecilia Ann Dumitru and Cathy Jones. Photo by:
Timothy Walker Matthew Lieberman MH
Timothy Walker and Matthew Lieberman. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Tina Carlo Meghana Rajadhyaksha Alexa Wolman Tenelle McCormack WRE
Tina Carlo, Meghana Rajadhyaksha, Alexa Wolman and Tenelle McCormack. Photo by:
Paul DiMare Swanee DiMare MH
Paul and Swanee DiMare. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Fausto Remedios Diaz Oliver MH
Fausto and Remedios Diaz-Oliver. Photo by: MANNY HERNANDEZ / MannyofMiami
Eastern inspired decor WRE
Eastern inspired decor at Vizcaya’s 62nd annual ball. Photo by:
Lion Dancer WRE
Lion Dancer at Vizcaya’s 62nd annual ball. Photo by:
Persian Dancers from M.E.C.A Dance Ensemble WRE
Persian Dancers from M.E.C.A Dance Ensemble at Vizcaya’s 62nd annual ball. Photo by:
Traditional Chinese Gate Entrance WRE
Traditional Chinese Gate Entrance at Vizcaya’s 62nd annual ball. Photo by:

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