New York

Royal Oak Foundation Celebrates 45th Anniversary


PLACE | The Royal Oak Foundation at The Metropolitan Club

HOST | The Royal Oak Foundation

October | 2018

The Royal Oak Foundation, an American affiliate of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, raised awareness and funds in the U.S. to support historic preservation during its 45th Anniversary benefit at the Metropolitan Club of New York. The two-part event began with a "19th Timeless Design Dinner," which transitioned into the foundation's third annual Follies cocktail party. Special guests included Lord and Lady Sackville, Lynne Rickabaugh, Susan and William Samuelson, Robert and Julie Daum, Renee and Alan Tucei, Thomas Kelly, Brian Dolan, Betsy Shack Barbanell, Michael A. Boyd, Tracey Dedrick and Alastair Merrick, Susan Ollila, Ronald L. Fleming, Lady Catherine St. Germans, Colleen A. Murphy, Caroline Barnard, Emily and David Beal, Friederike Biggs, Sandy Meehan, Mitchell Owens, James Reginato, Gabriella Skok and Mally Skok, Kerry and Brian Tucei, Arete S. Warren, Imogen Lloyd Webber. Follies Co-Chairs were Emily Collins, Robbie Gordy, Austin Mill and Lansing Moore, Jr.

688 Austin Mill Gaby Skok Mally Skok William Rutledge 1
Austin Mill, Gaby and Mally Skok and William Rutledge.
691 Robbie Gordy Mitchell Owens Nicholas Nicholson Collier Calandruccio
Robbie Gordy, Mitchell Owens, Nicholas Nicholson, Collier Calandruccio
anniewatt 74793 William Rutledge Lansing Moore Duncan Grey
William Rutledge, Lansing Moore and Duncan Grey
638 David Nathans Lady Jane Sackville The Hon. Edie Sackville West Lynne Rickabaugh
David Nathans, Lady Jane Sackville and Edie Sackville and West Lynne Rickabaugh
641 Jeremy Musson Laura Trevelyan Lord Robert Sackville
Jeremy Musson, Laura Trevelyan and Lord Robert Sackville
640 William Samuelson Susan Samuelson Sir David Cannadine
William Samuelson, Susan Samuelson and Sir David Cannadine
701 Caroline Barnard Imogen Lloyd Webber
Caroline Barnard and Imogen Lloyd Webber
777 Charles Miers Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill
Charles Miers and Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill
667 Ronald Lee Fleming Lady Catherine St. Germans Bob Daum David Beal
Ronald Lee Fleming, Lady Catherine St. Germans, Bob Daum and David Beal
744 Robert Sackville West Jeremy Musson Sir David Cannadine Laura Trevelyan
Robert Sackville-West, Jeremy Musson, Sir David Cannadine and Laura Trevelyan
645 Adrian Taylor Mitch Owens Eliza Coran Sarah Magness Peter Lyden
Adrian Taylor, Mitch Owens, Eliza Coran, Sarah Magness and Peter Lyden
649 Linda Kelly Kate Morris Cissy Bunn Jed Morris
Linda Kelly, Kate Morris, Cissy Bunn and Jed Morris
650 Ginny Clark Brian Brady Tracey Dedrick
Ginny Clark, Brian Brady and Tracey Dedrick
665 Jane Poole Pat Dunnington Betsy Barbanell Areta Warren
Jane Poole, Pat Dunnington, Betsy Barbanell and Areta Warren
700 Tom Greaney Sara Battler Zach Rosen
Tom Greaney, Sara Battler and Zach Rosen
708 Friederike Biggs Jessie Walker
Friederike Biggs and Jessie Walker
711 Brendan Clarke Andrew Califano Spencer Gervasoni David Kelleher Flight
Brendan Clarke, Andrew Califano, Spencer Gervasoni and David Kelleher Flight
720 Sandy Gotham Meehan James Reginato Imogen Lloyd Webber Caroline Barnard Mitchell Owens Colleen A. Murphy
Sandy Gotham Meehan, James Reginato, Imogen Lloyd Webber, Caroline Barnard, Mitchell Owens and Colleen A. Murphy
735 Guests
Guests at Royal Oak Foundation Benfit
765 Joan Dominique Rishabh Manocha
Joan Dominique and Rishabh Manocha
782 Max Sinsteden Lucinda May William Rutledge
Max Sinsteden, Lucinda May,  William Rutledge
787 Alan Tucei Renee Tucei Kerry Tucei Brian Tucei
Alan, Renee, Kerry and Brian Tucei
anniewatt 74790 John Harvey Michael Boyd Kazie Harvey Bob Daum
John Harvey, Michael Boyd, Kazie Harvey and Bob Daum


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