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Pet Hero Awards Honors Champions of Animal Welfare


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November | 2018

Naomi Judd, Tinsley Mortimer and Co-Hosts David Frei and Jewel Morris, CEO & Founder Pet Philanthropy Circle, greeted an audience and honorees traveling from around the world to celebrate the dedication of this year’s winners. The focus was on preventing animal abuse, combatting the meat market trade in China, and how Soi Dog Foundation, this year's People's Choice Animal Welfare, has virtually eliminated the meat market trade in Thailand. In addition, Dr. John De Young, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Zoetis, the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, the Irwin family, Fido Fixers, South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center and Storm were also recognized for their efforts of advocating for animal welfare. Sponsors included Alex Donner, London Jewelers, SiriusXM and FiOS1 News.

7 Tinsley Mortimer John Bradham Pet Philanthropy Circle Advisory Jewel Morris Jerry Rosenthal Exec Director Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation
Tinsley Mortimer, John Bradham, Jewel Morris and Jerry Rosenthal. Photos by: Annie Watt
10 Janis Rosenthal President Soi Dog and Christy Baker International Adoptions Manager Soi Dog
Janis Rosenthal and Christy Baker, Soi Dog. Photos by: Annie Watt
5 Jewel Morris CEO and Founder Pet Philanthropy Circle Annie Robert Morris 2018 Grand Sponsor and Nicky Morris
Jewel Morris, Founder Pet Philanthropy Circle, Annie, Robert and Nicky Morris. Photos by: Annie Watt
11 Tinsley Mortimer and Beau
Tinsley Mortimer and Beau. Photos by: Annie Watt
9 Jewel Morris Linda Block Head of Preventatives Marketing Zoetis and Daniel Edge Director Veterinary Specialty Operations
Jewel Morris, Linda Block and Daniel Edge. Photos by: Annie Watt
3 Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland
Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland. Photos by: Annie Watt
2 David Frei and Jewel Morris
David Frei and Jewel Morris. Photos by: Annie Watt
4 Dr. John de Jong President American Veterinary Medical Association
Dr. John de Jong. Photos by: Annie Watt
6 Mark Udell Scott Alper Candy Udell Skye Alper Randi Alper Beau the dog and Sienna Alper
Mark Udell, Scott Alper, Candy Udell, Skye Alper, Randi Alper, Beau (the dog) and Sienna Alper. Photos by: Annie Watt
1 Lisa Wysocki David Frei Jewel Morris Dr. John de Jong Storm Mark T. Freeley Janis Rosenthal Christy Baker Jeffrey Beri Frank Quevedo Linda Block and Daniel Edge
Lisa Wysocki, David Frei & Jewel Morris, Dr. John de Jong, Storm, Mark T. Freeley, Janis Rosenthal, Christy Baker, Jeffrey Beri, Frank Quevedo, Linda Block and Daniel Edge. Photos by: Annie Watt
12 Pet Philanthropy Circle Pet Hero Awards 6th Anniversary Gotham Hall NY
Pet Philanthropy Circle, Pet Hero Awards 6th Anniversary, Gotham Hall, NY. Photos by: Annie Watt

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