Miami Design District

Miami Design District hosts third annual Fashion Fights Cancer Event


PLACE | The Moore Building in the Miami Design District

HOST | The Miami Design District and The Breast Cancer Foundation

October | 2018

On Friday, October 12, 2018 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Miami Design District hosted the Third Annual Fashion Fights Cancer event. This year’s ticketed event, which took place at The Moore Building in the Miami Design District, honored celebrity fashion stylist, breast cancer survivor and activist, Ann Caruso. The ticketed event had a spectacular turnout, generating over $9,000 in donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Guests in attendance included Kinga Lampert, Ronnie and Gigi Vogel, Eva Hughes, Margaret Bastick Luce, Elysze Held, Soledad Lowe, Claudia Talamas, Irma Martinez, Daniela Frewa, Mia Astral, influencers Danie Gomez Ortigoza, Gabriela Medina and more notables. / Photos: © WORLD RED EYE

Angeles Almuna Ann Caruso8
Angeles Almuna and Ann Caruso.
Carolina Lanao Elysze Held Athena Marturet2
Carolina Lanao, Elysze Held and Athena Marturet.
Joesp Seguer Vanessa Cruz Osmany Caballero Lior Halabi1
Joesp Seguer, Vanessa Cruz, Osmany Caballero and Lior Halabi.
Lina Polania4
Lina Polania.
Liana Werner Gray
Liana Werner Gray.
Claudia Talamas Juliana Torrent1
Claudia Talamas and Juliana Torrent.
Jane Morales Cristina Preti Sofia Blomqvist Sohl2
Jane Morales, Cristina Preti and Sofia Blomqvist Sohl.
Soledad Lowe Justin Lowe Danie Gomez Ortigoza1
Soledad and Justin Lowe, and Daniela Gómez-Ortigoza.
Alina Proano Angeles Almuna3
Alina Proano and Angeles Almuna.
Alvaro Perez Valeria Krasavina1
Alvaro Perez  and Valeria Krasavina.
Samantha Bravo and Gigi Vogel.
Samantha Bravo and Gigi Vogel.
Amr Attia Cassie Keller1
Amr Attia and Cassie Keller.
Ana Ortuño Aravena Ariel Penzer Milgroom2
Ana Ortuño Aravena and Ariel Penzer Milgroom.
Jolin Mastrapa ABSTRK
Jolin Mastrapa and ABSTRK.
Mellina Soheili Christine Alfonso2
Mellina Soheili and Christine Alfonso.
Frank Adelson Patricia Adelson2
Frank and Patricia Adelson.
James113 Torres Frances
James and Frances Torres.
Performance by Alma Dance Theater.

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