Kick-off of the 24th InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball


PLACE | InterContinental® | Miami

HOST | Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida

September | 2018 / PHOTOS BY: WORLD RED EYE

Shareef Malnik, host of the 24th InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball; Robert Hill, Managing Director of InterContinental® Miami, and Norman Wedderburn, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida, celebrated a beautiful reception in the halls of the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami to prepare the "Summer of Love" gala, which will benefit the organization Make-A-Wish Miami, taking place on November 3, 2018 at the aforementioned Intercontinental hotel. The actress Gabrielle Anwar, wife of Malnik, will be for the eighth consecutive year the master of ceremonies of the night.

Norm Wedderburn Shareef Malnik Robert Hill Logan Cruz
Norm Wedderburn, Shareef Malnik, Logan Cruz and Robert Hill.
Marine Guadalpi Jasmine Tosh Stewart
Marine Guadalpi and Jasmine Tosh Stewart.
Jessica AndersonCamille Perkins
Jessica Anderson and Camille Perkins.
Sydni Huguet Kristen frixione Jenny ozanich
Sydni Huguet, Kristen Frixione and Jenny Ozanich.
Audrey Gutierrez Patrick Schmitt
Patrick Schmitt and Audrey Gutierrez.
Bertil Espegren Nick DAnnunzio
Berthil Espegren and Nick D’Annunzio.
Bronwyn Miller Marissa Tinkler Mendez
Bronwyn Miller and Marissa Tinkler Mendez.
Carol Marcelo Goulart
Carol and Marcelo Goulart.
James Davis Lisa Almighty
James Davis and Lisa Almighty.
Jennifer Certain Dmitry Prut
Jennifer Certain and Dmitry Prut.
Leslie Lorenzi Cameron Sisser
Leslie Lorenzi and Cameron Sisser.
Matt Simon Amy Federman
Matt Simon and Amy Federman.
Sophia Ponomarenko Tatsiana Ansin
Sophia Ponomarenko and Tatsiana Ansin.
Stephanie Alonso Tony Merenda
Stephanie Alonso and Tony Merenda.
Techrin Hijazi Birch ly Ludwig Wanda Trouba1
Techrin Hijazi, Bich-ly Ludwig and Wanda Trouba.
Whitney McLees Aaron Gordon
Whitney McLees and Aaron Gordon.
Wanda Trouba Maxwell Blandford
Wanda Trouba and Maxwell Blandford.

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