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Artiz Gallery hosts artist reception for “Causing a Stir” by Patti Grabel


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HONOREE | Patti Grabel

September | 2018

Artiz Gallery in Manhattan hosted a private reception for artist Patti Grabel to celebrate the opening of her solo exhibition, Causing A Stir. Notable guests included Tony Ingrao, Dr. Joel Kassimir, Ken Alpert, Dr. Debra Wattenberg, Isidore Mayrock, Amanda Grabel, Courtney Grabel, Barry Klarberg and Sara Herbert-Galloway and Ryan Klarberg, in addition to Artiz Gallery Director Ashley Ramos and Ryan VanMeter of City Harvest.

Robin Goldberg, Neil Goldberg, Isidore Mayrock, & Patti Grabel. Photo by./ Rob
Robin Goldberg, Neil Goldberg, Isidore Mayrock and Patti Grabel. / Photos by: Rob Rich /
Barry Klarberg & Sara Herbert Galloway. Photo by./ Rob
Barry Klarberg and Sara Herbert Galloway.
Amnon Mandelbaum, Ashley Ramos, & Charles Darwish. Photo by./ Rob
Amnon Mandelbaum, Ashley Ramos and Charles Darwish.
Klaudia Ser & Symphony McCoy. Photo by./ Rob
Klaudia Ser and Symphony McCoy.
Chrissy Lefkowitz, Sue Ann McCarthy, & Mindy Shulman. Photo by./ Rob
Chrissy Lefkowitz, Sue Ann McCarthy and Mindy Shulman.
Jeff Sander & Mala Sander. Photo by./ Rob
Jeff Sander and Mala Sander.
Jody Cohen & Kim Shechtman. Photo by./ Rob
Jody Cohen and Kim Shechtman.
Jeff Locker, Rick Locker, Patti Grabel, & Tony Ingrao. Photos by./ Rob
Jeff Locker, Rick Locker, Patti Grabel and Tony Ingrao.
Evan Cohen & Lori Cohen. Photo by./ Rob
Evan Cohen and Lori Cohen.
Max Kessler & Lindsey Barnett. Photo by./ Rob
Max Kessler and Lindsey Barnett.
Steve Leber, Laurie Page, & Scott Page. Photo by./ Rob
Steve Leber, Laurie Page and Scott Page.
Natalie Kessler & Arthur Kessler. Photo by./ Rob
Natalie Kessler and Arthur Kessler.
Patti Grabel & Ryan VanMeter. Photo by./ Rob
Patti Grabel and Ryan VanMeter.

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