Tamayo Museum

Ana B. Remos


At a cost of $7 million and an expansion of 40% of its exhibition space, the museum is now able to properly display a larger number of Rufino Tamayo´s works: a retrospective of more than 60 paintings, including some that have never been previously displayed.

MARIANA CASTILLO DEBALL. Ligero, invisible, mudo, 2011.

Currently on display Olinka, or Where Movement Is Created, a group show that presents contemporary artists alongside historical documents and objects. This interesting selection of drawings, paintings, installations, videos and photography aims to present history as unstable, in constant evolution and able renew itself when it is recovered or reinterpreted by contemporary art.

“The exhibition is inspired by multiple sources. Episodes of Mexican modernism are projected against the historical backdrop of the Fascist era and the Second World War; a teleological dimension that joins ancient cosmogony and modern utopia, where details of biographies and fragments of historical processes become the focus of attention.”

1. Disgrace V, 2012.
2. Disgrace VIII, 2012.

The genesis of the exhibit as described by the museum: “The exhibition bears the name of a project conceived by Dr. Atl in the 1940s, in which he imagined the construction of the international city of culture, Olinka. Its inhabitants would be scientists, artists and philosophers, with the mission of planning human evolution. The etymological root of Olinka is Ollin, a Nahuatl word that means movement, a concept that fits the exhibition’s dynamic approach to history”.

1. Portrait of the Artist – Indoor, 2012.
2. Portrait of the Artist – Outdoor, 2012.

The selection juxtaposes the work of 20th century masters such as Dr. Atl and Nahui Ollin with contemporary artists. The show includes works and documents by Dr. Atl, Baghramian Nairy, Birrell Ross & David Harding, Mariana Castillo Deball, Kate Davis, Thea Djordjadze, Susan Hiller, Nahui Ollin, Paulina Olowska, Manuel Rodríguez Lozano, Vivian Suter, Tercerunquinto, Danh Vo and Elisabet Silvestre. Adam Szymczyk was the guest curator in charge of the selection.


Ligero, invisible, mudo. Cortesía de la artista.
Disgrace V / Disgrace VIII. Cortesía de la artista y Galerie Kamm, Berlín.
Portrait of the Artist – Indoor. Cortesía de la artista, Metro Pictures Gallery, Nueva York y con un especial agradecimiento a Norman Parkinson Archive, Londres.
Portrait of the Artist – Outdoor. Cortesía de la artista, Metro Pictures Gallery, Nueva York y con un especial agradecimiento a Norman Parkinson Archive, Londres.

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