Iván Navarro

Ana B. Remos

IVÁN NAVARRO. 1. Red and Blue Electric Chair, 2003. / 2. Red Ladder (Backstage), 2005.

Light shapes the creativity of Ivan Navarro. His artwork is on display at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University (FIU) until January 27, 2013.

Ivan Navarro (Chile 1973) plays with light materials and electricity to create art. He builds artworks using fluorescent neon tubes and mirrors, and transforms everyday objects like shopping carts (a recurrent motif in pop art) as a commentary on consumer society. But in his case, the results are dazzling.

Fluorescent Light Sculptures is the name of the exhibition at FIU. It includes three standing sculptures, 14 wall sculptures and three videos. His series Nowhere Man is on view for the first time in a US museum. It was inspired by Otl Aicher´s original pictograms for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

His style establishes a conversation with modern and contemporary artists, musicians, designers and architects.

IVÁN NAVARRO. 1. Nowhere Man I, 2009. / 2. Nowhere Man VII, 2009.

Red and Blue Electric Chair. Margulies Collection / Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.
Red Ladder (Backstage). Taplin Collection / Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.
Nowhere Man I / Nowhere Man VII. Photos: Courtesy of the Artist.

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