Scope Art Fair: An Meeting Of Emerging Art

Saida Santana

Scope Art Fair brings more than 100 international exhibitors and galleries to Miami during the first week of December.


Located on Ocean Drive at 10th Street, in the heart of South Beach, there is a 70,000 square foot pavilion with outdoor lounge with stunning ocean views where the emerging contemporary art is the main attraction. Can you ask for more? We invite you to come to the SCOPE MIAMI BEACH Art Fair from December 3rd to the 8th, and let yourself go during the current edition of Art Basel Miami Beach.

This fair, a pioneer in the city, started as an alternative event and has become a mandatory platform for emerging art from all corners of the world. One hundred international exhibitors, including 15 galleries, bring their collections of paintings, prints, sculptures, multidisciplinary creative programming, a wide range of curatorial projects, sponsorship programs and Platinum VIP Tours among some of the hallmarks of this magnificent event.

Scope Art Fair

If you are a collector, curator or are looking to discover something new in art, this fair is the right place to do so because it is characterized by its inclusion of multiple creative disciplines and accurately predicts the new visual trends that will be seen in artistic circles all over the world in the near future.

Among the works we’ll see in SCOPE 2013, we recommend an iconic piece by Tom Fruin, Maxikiosco, made from hundreds of Plexiglas panels, a work that celebrates the vitality of the shops found in the streets of Argentina. The sculpture will be a beacon of light illuminated by the sun during the day, and by computer controlled halogen lights at night.

The installation Enough About You is also very suggestive. It questions the way in which new technologies influence the way we socialize. This work is like a supervised laboratory where we can observe the “real” meetings between two strangers, controlled and guided by an experimental conversational structure, created specifically for the piece, which invites participation from the viewers.

At the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation’s booth, there will be a group show, featuring the artists nominated for CIFO’s scholarship programs, selected by the Foundations’ Honorary Advisory Committee. Ron English brings his unmistakable stamp in Subvertising, an installation that explores the many layers of advertising, among which are desire, satisfaction and thought control.

A 2013 piece, Forest Fire, Forest File (Winter) by Jason Urban, consists of art-objects and images that reflect on the relationship between the analog and the digital realms, what is real and what is virtual.

Scope Art Fair

In Leval as a Leval, Anthony Lister depicts prostitutes and strippers with the same conviction, dignity and respect he uses to paint ballerinas or superheroes, to elicit the viewer´s judgment according to the context.

Message in a Bottle, presented by Quattlebaum Foretich Gallery, and curated by Lori Zimmer, shows the romantic notion of blindly throwing messages into the sea, leaving to fate who will find them. Visitors can find the messages that various contemporary artists have created for all times, accompanied by special animations from Beau Stanton.

Other SCOPE installations are: Once Upon a Time Down There by Nyugen Smith, also curated by Lori Zimmer and Saya Woolfalk’s No Place, an interesting reflection of how biology, sociology, ethnicity, class, gender and environment influence human beings and their future.

And of course music could not be absent in this vibrant beach atmosphere. SCOPE, in collaboration with VH1, will celebrate this wonderful event of art, music, sun and surf.

Other events will complement the SCOPE calendar: interesting and innovative proposals such as The Canvas Cooler Project, curated by Red Bull, a project that invites artists to turn Red Bull coolers into works of art, or BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ® Artisan Series, which sets out to find the new big name in the visual arts.


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