Rain Room At Lacma

Ana B. Remos

Rain Room brings a masterful and unpredictable interplay of beauty and awareness that delights and unnerves .

The Rain Room has been previously exhibited at London’s Barbican Centre (October 4, 2012–March 3, 2013), and then at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (May 12–July 28, 2013). If you missed either of those overwhelmingly successful runs, you have another shot at experiencing what’s being called, “a remarkable blending of art + technology”. The Rain Room is back in North America for a limited time at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The large-scale installation is an interactive experience, designed to immerse the visitor. Inside the room, water flows continuously, creating a downpour that pauses wherever a body is detected. Moving around the room freely, protected from the falling water empowers you with possession of the impossible—the ability to control rain.

The installation uses a 528 gallons (2000L) of water within a self-contained system. The same water will be recycled and used throughout the entire run of the exhibition.

The Rain Room
is the brainchild of London-based experimental collective Random International. The exhibition is part of LACMA’s current Art + Technology Initiative, a series of related programs that support artists’ experiments with emerging technology, to facilitate engagement and discussion.

The show is on view at LACMA until March 6, 2016, and will require a special timed ticket to enter. Do not miss this unique opportunity to play in the rain without getting wet, a whimsical and transformative experience.

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