Porsche Sculpture

Franky M.

The newly unveiled piece consists of three pillars that rise 80 feet crowned by three emblematic Porsche 911.

The headquarters of luxury automaker Porsche are located in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany, where we find its largest dealership and the Porsche Museum. The Museum is an imposing steel building erected in 2009 to house more than 80 cars whose value rounds 140 million euros (around $154 million). The pieces are displayed in chronological order for visitors to appreciate the evolution of the brand.

These three buildings are anchored by Porscheplatz, which always gave the impression that something was missing until this year when it was enhanced with a sculpture designed by the British artist Gerry Judah. This sculptor is well known for his yearly monumental sculpture honoring one of Porsche’s iconic cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed; an event held annually in Sussex, UK.

The new sculpture consists of three pillars that rise to 80 feet, crowned by three Porsche 911 cars. They are different generations of the iconic vehicle, the favorite for the worldwide legion of fans of the German brand. One belongs to the 1970F Series, another to the G 1981 series, and an example of the last generation—the 2016—which highlights the new design of the retractable spoiler and the taillights, as well as the new location of the exhaust pipes, which are practically in the center.

The 911 was created at the Zuffenhausen district, in 1963, so Judah’s work— dubbed Inspiration 911—is a tribute to the history of this classic sports car.

“The sculpture we present here is more than a work of art. It is also a symbol of the close relationship of our company with Stuttgart,” said Matthias Müller, CEO of Porsche AG, at the unveiling of the sculpture last September. In recent years, Porsche has invested around one billion euros (more than a billion dollars) in its Stuttgart facilities.

According to the company’s spokesman, “another 1,100 million euros have been allocated, of which a significant portion will be invested in Zuffenhausen. Porsche’s commitment to its roots in this region cannot be clearer.”

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