family firm born in 1774

Pineider: Elegant Stationery With More Than Two Centuries of Tradition

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Tradition and passion bring difference and distinction to small objects—from business and personal cards to writing tools and leather accessories. The Italian firm Pineider takes the elegance and good taste to a higher level.

Pineider’s history begins in Florence, in the beautiful Piazza della Signoria, where Francesco Pineider opened his first shop in 1774. Soon, his unique customized cards, writing instruments and leather accessories—made by skillful artisans— became an emblem for those who love exclusivity and seek the quality and tradition of Italian manufacturing.


Pineider has created highly refined and sophisticated stationery with relief printing techniques, using luxurious papers, colors and typefaces handmade by local artisans from France and the Netherlands. During the 20th century, Pineider prevailed in the international market with their printed invitations, births, deaths and marriages adverts, business and personal cards, letterheads, custom bindings, stamping presses and stamps. The label also produced sumptuous accessories of exquisite quality, such as watches, calendars, paperweights, and pens.

Currently, Pineider is a family owned Italian company. The exemplary firm with a global presence still creates fine articles using quality materials and following the same guidelines and methods used for hundreds of years.


The fondness and loyalty that their clientele has always shown for Pineider are an incentive to continue the handcrafting tradition, which has always been central to the label’s philosophy. Their illustrious clients have included personalities such as Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor (who asked for stationary that matched the color of her eyes), Gabriele D’Annunzio, Luigi Pirandello, Henry Ford, Marlene Dietrich, Rudolf Nureyev and Luchino Visconti, among others.

In 2001 and 2009, the Italian Government chose Pineider as one of the official suppliers for summit meetings of the G8 (the world’s eight most industrialized nations), and the brand represented Italy’s finest craftsmanship and methodology. Among the products selected for such occasions were the superb writing set, leather briefcase, desk mat and agendaere given as a gift to the major world leaders.


Today—as in the past—Pineider is present worldwide with stores that offer refined products to exclusive customers who truly appreciate exquisite details such as paper with filigree and watermarks colored with natural pigments, as well as objects made of naturally tanned leather.

Tradition and passion combine to offer beauty, exclusivity and distinction to small objects, which in the hands of Pineider become emblems of elegance and good taste.

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