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Lee Bul´S Present And Her Visions Of The Future

Federico Tibytt

Lee Bul’s visionary installations, the harshness of her sculptures and the level of detail in her drawings and sketches, will take viewers in a spectacular journey of contemplative introspection.

The prominent South Korean artist Lee Bul has excelled in the past decades for her impressive— and unsettling— sculptures and installations. Her futuristic aesthetics and profound methodology are combined with an enormous creativity. Her most recent project: After Bruno Taut: Devotion to Drift will be displayed alongside a selection of some of her earlier pieces at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK, from September 10th to November 10th 2014.

Lee Bul

Born in South Korea in 1964 and graduated from Seoul’s Hongik University, where she studied sculpture, the artist forged a critical view of a utopia profoundly influenced by science and technology. In this context, Lee Bull continues to question the obsession of the modern world in the pursuit of perfection, and creates objects that reflect the inevitable conflicts that arise from the intervention of science and technology in nature. Read more about arts and culture here.

A prolific output has led her to present her projects in major modern art institutions including the Museum of Modern Art (Mudam) in Luxembourg and the Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York, among the most recent. Her latest show in Luxembourg showcased Bul’s mastery of heterogeneous, unorthodox techniques, while respecting her political and social message. What first caught our eye were the female humanoid bodies of the Anagram and Cyborg series, a nod to the modern women’s obsession with aesthetics and beauty.

The Sternbau series inspired by the work of architect Bruno Taut (1938 1880) was also on display, featuring huge illuminated castles, opulent, stunning, and reminiscent of Gaudí. The artist elucidates her idea of an idyllic city of the future, splendid, but cold and inhuman.

Finally, in the Studio section of the Mudam there is a reproduction of Bul´s atelier where she creates and shapes her works, including sketches, drawings and materials that fully reflect the enormous artistic talent of the author.

Lee Bul
LEE BUL. Diluvium, 2012.

The opportunity to enjoy the work of a contemporary artist with such clear and sincere ideas is a privilege that art lovers should not miss. In the case of Lee Bul, the power of universal communication unites East and West in a social vision that transcends borders. The nature of her methodology, the harshness of her sculptures and the level of detail in drawings and sketches will take viewers in a spectacular journey of contemplative introspection.

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