Grand Museum Of The Mayan World

Ana B. Remos

Mexico's Grand Museum of the Mayan World opens its doors in Merida, Yucatan.


The Mexican State of Yucatan in conjunction with the National Institute of Anthropology and History has implemented a long held dream to bring to the city of Merida the Grand Museum of the Mayan World. The Museum has four permanent exhibition halls dedicated to specific collections: archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, history and customs of the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan region.

Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco said the museum holds “prophecies, carved in stone, dating from 5, 125 years ago, which herald a new era beginning in the year 2012.” One of the museum’s most interesting attractions is the temporary exhibition hall. Its goal is to bring, on loan, collections belonging to other museums and institutions to be exhibited for periods of three to six months.

There is also a screening room with seating capacity for 360 people, which will be open to the public even outside the museum´s hours of operation to promote seasonal cycles of cinema, theater and chamber music.

The building’s facade is adorned with an installation by French artist Xavier de Richemont titled Yacama ‘Ya’ Ab. Inspired by Mayan culture and traditions, the piece consists of 5 acts and 34 images projected onto the museum’s exterior walls, and a display of light, color and music, which makes the façade ever changing and different every minute.

The Grand Museum of the Mayan World in Merida was conceived with globalizing and cross-cultural ambitions. According to its representatives “its mission is to articulate and promote the creation of a network of museums that will serve as models for current and future museums in the Yucatan peninsula”.


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