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Fiac Paris: 41 Years Of Artistic Excellence

Lázaro Pérez-More

One of the most distinguished art fairs in the world takes over the City of Light with exhibitions and cultural activities in the most emblematic locations.

The first days of autumn always remind us that the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) is coming to Paris. The 41st edition of the anticipated cultural occasion will take place from October 23rd to 26th. FIAC will take over the French capital with a multitude of events that will fulfill the dreams of the most discerning art lovers. Read more here about culture and arts.

FIAC Paris 2014
Man Ray. Élevage de poussières. Gallery 1900-2000.

As it has become the norm since 1974, the Grand Palais will welcome more than 70,000 visitors during the four-day celebration of the arts. Curators, gallery owners, artists, collectors and the general public are ready to explore the state of contemporary art in a sprawling cultural feast that extends beyond the walls of the Grand Palais.

Hors les Murs, an extramural program of activities will open up a list of enviable venues to host lectures, film screenings, performances and exhibitions. Perhaps FIAC’s most popular proposal, this programs draws more than 500,000 visitors to places like the Tuileries Gardens, the Banks of the Seine, the Louvre Auditorium, Petit Palais, L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, place Vendome, the Jardin des Plantes and the National Museum of Natural History.

The main sector of FIAC, held at the Grand Palais will present work from 191 galleries from 26 countries in what has become one of the largest and most prestigious fairs in Europe. The host country has the largest number of participating galleries followed by the US and Germany. A committee composed of gallery directors Daniele Balice, David Fleiss, Soléne Guillier, Simon Lee, Samia Saouma, Alexander Schroeder, Christophe Van de Weghe and Gordon VaneKlasen was in charge of selecting the galleries.

FIAC Paris 2014
Johan Creten. Vague moyenne pour Palissy. Gallery Almine Rech.

This year (OFF)ICIELLE, a side event with 68 galleries from 14 countries, debuts at Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design (City of Fashion and Design). Within the framework of Hors les Murs, this ambitious exhibition explores new territories through young galleries, emerging artists and those whose historic contributions have been overlooked. (OFF)ICIELLE also includes a series of outdoor sculptures and installations, performances, music and films in spaces that are conducive to exchange and diversity like the promenades along the Seine and the city’s rooftops. It promises to be a creative conversation between the arts and the urban landscape.

If you are planning a visit to Paris in the last weeks of October, take the time to visit FIAC’s exhibitions throughout the city. You will not be disappointed because the capital of France, in all its glory, will welcome yours with a superb display of the best in modern and contemporary art.

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