Ana B. Remos

Salvador Dali was a very complex character, both in terms of personality and artistic vision. Children usually adore his work.

If your children are at the age when they look at the world with amazement; if you want them to appreciate art with sensibility, as a path to spiritual growth, show them the work of Dali. They will find a world where absurdity and fantasy mingle and will want to stay in it.

Dali’s taste for luxury was severely criticized by his contemporaries, who considered him a hopeless megalomaniac. In the same way, his attention grabbing antics were irritating and scandalous. Dali was a transgressor, a performance artist and indeed, a media manipulator, who regarded art as a tool for global communication. He questioned everything, and left behind an enormous legacy of immeasurable value.

SALVADOR DALÍ. The First Days of Spring , 1929. /

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