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Dr. Cordero’s Voice Competition

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Created by a renowned Argentine dermatologist, the competition has launched several outstanding international operatic careers.

Dr. Alejandro Cordero

On August 16th, in the Golden Hall of the famed Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the most promising young national singers will take part in the Dr. Alejandro Cordero Competition. The winners will participate in a tour of several US cities.

Passionate about opera and classical singing,
Dr. Alejandro Cordero is a member of the prestigious Teatro Colón Foundation and sponsors the annual lyrical competition that bears his name.

Dr. Cordero discusses his passion for opera.

His other passion: cosmetic dermatology

After graduation, a young
Dr. Cordero traveled to Paris to pursue specialization in dermatology. Upon his return to Argentina, he was asked to teach a course in cosmetic dermatology. It was an unexpected opportunity that radically changed his medical career.

Dr. Cordero
created the Division of Cosmetic Dermatology at the Hospital de Clínicas in Buenos Aires, which he currently directs. It was an innovative service for its time, which helped train hundreds of physicians in the South American country. Now, patients from Latin America and the United States continue to arrive in Buenos Aires seeking his advice and guidance.


Above: Teatro Colón
Center & Below: Dr. Cordero with the winners and the organizers of the competition

The Dr. Alejandro Cordero Competition

His passion for opera is parallel to his professional devotion. His support for the event arose by chance, but he smiles when he says, ”Nothing happens by chance.” It all started when he learned that a singing competition at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires was in danger of being suspended. Without actually knowing any details, he offered to support the contest.

During the event, he was amazed by the quality of the voices and the potential of the new Argentine opera singers. He was so impressed that the following year, alongside her friend
Teresa Aguirre Lanari, he organized his first competition of opera singing, which has taken place uninterrupted for the last decade.

He remembers with pride that the two winners of the first competition have developed outstanding international careers. One was
Gustavo Feulien, a remarkable baritone that achieved great success in New York. He recently participated in a new version of Tosca in Brooklyn and received a rave review from The New York Times. The other winner, Carlos D’Onofrio, settled in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has developed a great career in Europe.

For the winners of the 2016 competition,
Dr. Cordero has organized an intense and enriching series of activities in the United States. They will participate in two concerts at Americas Society and a presentation at the Manhattan School of Music, and attend several conferences with leading American voices.

The American Projection

Dr. Cordero
highlights the high level and the success of the three winners of last year’s contest. He predicts a bright future for soprano Constanza Diaz Falu, celebrates the fact that tenor Nicolás Romero has been called to continue his training in New York, and praises the talents of baritone Gustavo Vita.

After attending auditions for years at the best music schools in New York, he suggested that this year two American singers should be selected to travel to Buenos Aires. The participation of two foreign contestants will give an international character to this increasingly prestigious event.

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