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The Accessible Art Fair Celebrates its First Edition in New York

Jesús Rosado

Brussels' Accessible Art Fair has established itself as one of the world's leading contemporary art forums. Their events have expanded to other cities attracting a broad mix of art lovers, curators, and galleries.

The Accesible Art Fair (AAF) is a prestigious promotional platform for artists and designers, whose mission includes creating ties between emerging visual arts talents and a broad and diverse audience. The leadership of the organization is busy consolidating the final touches to its first edition in New York City.

Brian Leo

The primary objective of the fair— founded in Brussels by Stephanie Manasseh in 2007— is to offer scholars and collectors an invaluable connection to share and discover artwork of high aesthetic value. The works have been selected by a team of experts to ensure the most rigorous curatorship of the pieces shown at the event.

Emilie Pugh

For over a decade, AAF organizers have taken the task of facilitating the process of buying art, making the experience secure, comfortable, and pleasant while minimizing the barriers between buyer and artist. Now, entering its tenth year of existence, its organizers have decided to explore its impact on the New York art scene.

Erin Starr

AAF is a perfect complement for the Big Apple given its appeal to a unique, cosmopolitan and art conscious market. More than 60 artists from around the world will have the opportunity to make an impact in the tight New York art market. This particular fair will allow them access to renowned gallery owners, critics, and potential buyers.

Frank Pietras

The event will showcase works by artists from the United States, Cyprus, England, Australia, Belgium, France, Israel, and Japan, representing the latest trends in the visual arts in their respective regions. The estimated prices of the artworks range from $ 2,000 to $ 20,000, accessible figures that justify the name of the fair.

Jiannan Wu

The selection panel is composed of Stephanie Manasseh, Kevin Doyle (Sotheby’s), Shaune Arp (Gallery Gagosian), Ann Lydecker Bunge (Christie’s Collectrium), Rachel Rees (Sutton), Rozalia Jovanovic (Editor in Chief of Artnet News), gallery owner Joyce Varvatos and art advisors Sophie Clauwaert and Shari Brownfield. The committee has approved works by artists from more than a dozen different countries.

Lea Shabat

The Brussels Accesible Art Fair has established itself as one of the world’s leading contemporary art events, and previous editions have expanded to other cities to attract a global audience.

Kim DeMolenaer

The Accesible Art Fair New York debut will be held at The National Arts Club, founded in 1898 by the poet and New York Times art critic Charles De Kay, who, along with a group of distinguished artists and patrons conceived of a meeting space for artists of all genres, as well as art lovers, sponsors and promoters. Since its inception, the fair has been considered a home of American art and its mission has always been oriented to the promotion and education of the public interest in culture, particularly in the field of fine arts.

Yana Dimitrova

The Accessible Art Fair in New York will be available to the public from the 1st to the 15th of November.

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